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10 Lab Safety Equipments You Must Know

Due to many incidents in industrial labs all around the globe, safety rules and concepts have been implemented around the globe. Harmful chemicals and different laboratory settings can cause safety concerns. Due to lab injuries like chemical irritation, burns and inhalation, Safety must be a surety for lab staff by following precautions to tackle injuries and safety risks. According to a survey conducted by CRS, In 2016, 6.9 million engineers, as well as scientists, got employment in the United States of America. Now, the safety of these employees is essential as it makes up a large workforce.


Your eyes are the vulnerable parts of one’s body. When dealing with hazardous chemicals it makes it vulnerable to risk. Proper eye safety equipment must be on the eyes when dealing with hazardous chemicals.

Safety goggles are ideal protection equipment protecting both eyes at the same time from many angles, which eliminates the risk of chemicals entering your eyes.

The Safety goggles also come in various types. Choosing the right safety goggles is important. Workers working in an environment full of physical risks are not allowed to work without safety goggles which provide safety against physical impact.

Chemical industries make it compulsory to wear safety goggles to ensure prevention from drops of chemicals. Some goggles also prevent UV light.

Eyewash stations

You already know accidents happen anywhere, at any time. How much safety equipment you are wearing, if you are out of luck then accidents can happen. 

If chemicals or small pieces of glass enter your eyes inside the goggles. Then there are wash stations to remove the chemical externally immediately to remain safe from burn marks, blindness or permanent damage. Eyewash stations are compulsory for labs. More than one eye station is necessary for any lab.

Safety showers

The chemicals can splash over your body too. If chemicals somehow touch your precious skin, it’s essential to wash the chemicals off your body. All laboratories must include safety showers. 

Removal of clothes before entering the shower is essential. Then the person affected enters the shower to pull a drench to take a shower with water. By doing this act, chemicals will not stay much longer on your skin to cause harm.

Lab coats

Protective Coveralls are not just to show off the safety rules of any company. But protective lab coats are a major part of every lab safety equipment. If any chemical spills over the body of a chemist, these long coats will make you safe from any contact of hazardous chemicals with your skin. The material of coats is a combination of absorbents. Buttons of lab coats should remain closed all the time because accidents don’t come after telling you.

Protective gloves

Hands are always a part of working so they are the closest to accidents. Physical work or chemical work can cause harm to hands from scratches to fractures and chemical burns. Suitable gloves of many types are ready for the safety of workers. Late and nitrile gloves are famous to prevent hazards and ensure safety to your precious hands. If the chemicals are stronger and concentrated then extra protection is on the top of these gloves to ensure safety. 

Due to multiple types of gloves up to 50+ types, proper information is necessary to choose suitable gloves.

Fire extinguishers

Fires can be a cause of harm in any industry. Electrical switches or equipment and flammable chemicals can cause a fire. Fire extinguishers make their way to industries to ensure proper safety from harmful fire eruptions. Locations that can get accessed easily must contain fire extinguishers and moreover, all the staff must get trained to use these.

Different types of extinguishers are present for different chemicals causing fire. There are mainly 4 types of extinguishers. Class A types are for combustibles. The Class B types are for liquids and gases that are flammable. Class C are for any electrical equipment causing harm. Class D is for combustible metals. Using the wrong type of extinguisher won’t put out the fire.

Chemical fume hoods

Chemicals generate vapours due to being volatile in nature. Fuming hoods should be present in labs to ensure the safe discharge of fumes through this. The main aspect is to save lab chemists and workers from inhaling the vapours. Fuming hoods comprised of fire-resistant walls. Fuming hoods take up all the vapours, gases or dust present before inhalation by any personnel.

Having one fuming hood in your lab reduces the effects of inhalation of chemicals and exposure.

First aid kits

Many industries neglect first aid kits but the importance should never get neglected. An emergency can come at any time, so first aid kits must be available to everyone within reach. 

Minor cuts or burns should get treatment instantly by sterilizers in first aid kits. Also to bandage that particular area to protect it from chemicals to harm the wounds even more.

If any situation occurs in which any worker or employee gets a cut or minor injury during the process of testing. Then the only immediate aid is the usage of a First aid kit. First aid kit usage does not mean to use everything on the injured person. There are multiple aiding items inside the first aid kit.

First aid kits must include: 

  • Bandages, 
  • Sterilizing wipes,
  • Gauze, 
  • Antiseptic cream, 
  • Scissors
  • Eye dressings. 

Laboratory refrigerators

Flammable liquids must be in storage at suitable temperatures recommended by the supplier. Storing chemicals that are flammable in refrigerators that are domestic in nature can cause a safety hazard. Exposed ignition sources and high temperatures can cause risks to chemicals and the environment.

A Laboratory refrigerator is equipment in any lab that ensures safe storage of flammable liquids. No source of ignition is present inside this equipment. Self-closing doors, gaskets and compressors are present to ensure safety.

Fire Blankets

Laboratories handling flammable liquids must contain a fire blanket. If someone’s clothes catch fire or even protective lab coats catch fire, a fire blanket aids in the reduction of flames and extinguishing the fire. The person must drop to the floor and must roll around to extinguish the fire flames. The fire blanket is underutilized as the last option. A fire blanket must not be in a packed area where one can not reach.

Every lab must possess this equipment to protect the laboratory equipment suppliers. If the lab needs new or already used equipment, USA Lab Equipment gives a choice of quality equipment with low pricing. 

To Wrap It Up:

OSHA has implemented multiple rules of safety that must be an implementation in an organization to be a member of OSHA. Occupational safety and hazard administration has taken over the safety demand after many historic incidents like Chernobyl and many others. 

Labs are present for testing chemicals and equipment. Testing is a hit and trial method with varying results. When results are varying, there is a chance of hazard (anything that causes harm) to the personnel.

The level of hazard depends upon the safety measures a company or an organization takes to ensure the protection of employees. 

After reading this post, you will understand all of the distinctions between lab safety equipment providers, and you will be able to simply select the finest lab safety equipment provider for yourself.

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