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10 Myths about Studying in the UK—Debunked by Online Assignment Writers UK

Assignment Writers UK

If you are planning to study in the UK or are already here, ready to start your semester, you may hear some things about the place from various people. Some might be true, but others not so. So, to ensure the readers get an accurate picture of what to expect from student life here, the online assignment writers UK from one of the leading academic help companies in the country have decided to do some myth-busting for you.

Here is the list of some of the biggest misconceptions people have about studying at a British institute:

Myth # 1: UK has Terrible Weather 24/7/360

This is one of the most common ones we’ve come across. Some students have also cited this as why they didn’t choose a UK university! Well, you will indeed see clouds most of the days here. However, you will also experience the beauty of all the seasons here.

Of course, the weather depends on where you reside in the country. Some regions like Hastings and Central London are sunnier than the others. So, if you are particular about the weather, you can check it beforehand. Moreover, Britain has one of the best air quality indexes around the globe. You will enjoy the fresh air here.

Myth # 2: The Food is Incredibly Bland

It’s true most British people can’t handle spice. And the local cuisine is prepared as per their taste. However, all is not lost for all the spice-loving people around the world. It’s important to remember the United Kingdom attracts and welcomes people of all cultures and races. As a result, the diversity they bring becomes ingrained in the community. So, while you will certainly find “bland” cuisine everywhere in the UK, you will also have numerous options to satisfy your spice-loving taste buds. You only need to look around a bit!

Myth # 3: Studies are Unaffordable

This myth has often deterred amazing students from taking their chances at one of the top universities in the UK. However, scholarships and bursaries offer many reasonable options if you want to study here. And if you plan well, you can definitely afford to pursue education here. It’s not unattainable, as some might have you believe otherwise.

The cost of studies will also depend on the university and course you select. So, make sure you conduct due diligence in research and evaluate all possible options. You will certainly find something to study that also fits within your budget!

Myth # 4: Students Can’t Afford Living in the UK

In a line similar to the misconception above, this myth also assumes only people loaded with dough can afford to live and study in the UK. However, that’s not the case. Students get numerous discounts and offerings. You can leverage these benefits to live within your budget. For example, you can get student cards and avail offers on major brands as well as utilities. Transport will also be cheaper for you.

Moreover, all universities have some sort of accommodation available at nominal rates, so you can apply to live on the premises.

Myth # 5: Healthcare is Expensive

Nope. Healthcare is much better in the UK as compared to the US. And if you’re a student, your visa application will include a fee of £470 (known as Immigration Health Surcharge, and you have to pay it annually) to give you access to the NHS. However, if your course runs for 6 months, then you only have to pay £235. With this, you can get free healthcare services whenever you need them.

NHS offers excellent services and covers almost all health issues. Most of the locals use it, too. So, if you were worried you will be left stranded when you get sick and won’t be able to afford healthcare, know it’s just a myth.

Myth # 6: Getting a Student Visa is Near to Impossible

This is another false statement we’ve heard too much of. People who don’t do their research and get rejected for reasons stated publicly by the UK government tend to blame the process. Unfortunately, they’re also often the culprits behind propagating this incorrect belief.

The truth is, if you follow all regulations, meet the criteria and pay your fees, you will easily get your student visa. Make sure you read through all the visa rejection reasons.

You’ll find some of them below:

  • Incomplete paperwork
  • Incomplete application form
  • Poor academic records
  • Poor interview
  • Lack of English language proficiency
  • No intention of returning to the home country
  • Inexplicable gap years
  • Criminal records

Read the complete policy thoroughly before applying. Here’s the government link for complete details.

Myth # 7: You Can’t Get Jobs as a Student

It’s possible this myth came around due to confusion about the kind of jobs students are allowed to do. If you are enrolled in any degree or course, you are legally allowed to work part-time to cover your basic expenses. However, the limit is up to 20 hours per week. More than that is considered a full-time job and is prohibited. This is great for students as this can help them make time for their studies. Additionally, part-time jobs in the UK pay well, too. So, you don’t have to worry about not being able to afford basic utilities.

One thing students may not know is they can work full-time jobs during vacation! So, if you’re planning to stay in the UK during this time, you can work more and earn to save up.

If you want to know which jobs you can’t engage in, here’s a list to avoid:

  • Starting a commercial activity
  • Working as a dentist or a doctor in training
  • Working as a professional sportsperson
  • Working as an entertainer
  • Working freelance

Other than this, you can engage in any part-time job. Some popular options include:

  • Campus ambassadors (this pays the highest)
  • Dog walkers
  • Tutors
  • Retail workers
  • Servers
  • Research assistants
  • Prep cooks
  • Translators

Important note: This information is only for students with a full-time degree visa. Those enrolled in part-time courses cannot work any jobs in the UK.

Myth # 8: British People are Not Friendly

This myth may have been born due to the fact that people in the UK are quite reserved. It’s part of the culture here, and they consider it respect. However, if you talk to a local, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how courteous and kind they are. And if you’re new to the country, they’ll be very happy to help you out however they can.

If this doesn’t satisfy your concerns about living in the UK, know that everyone at your university will be new there and would be looking to make friends. So, you won’t be as alone as you might fear. Moreover, your institute will have a multitude of societies to join. Use it to meet new people with similar interests.You will get services of online assignment writers UK.

Myth # 9: Traveling in the UK is Difficult

People might believe making your way around any city in the UK will be tough for a student, but it’s not so. Scores of individuals around the globe visit the country to pursue higher education every year and use the transport systems without trouble.

Students get discounts on public buses and trams, so they are the most cost-effective option. You can also rent a bike to get around the city. Moreover, if you want to visit someplace further, you can get a rail card to save on train travel.

Myth # 10: You Can’t Get any Academic Assistance in the UK

Student life is tough, and you will have to juggle a lot of tasks to stay on top of your game. However, the repercussions will be too strong for you to overcome if you get stuck or get behind in any class. And this is the time you will need academic assistance. Unfortunately, many people assume you won’t be able to get any help when it comes to your studies.

Not true.

Yes, tutors are expensive in the UK, but there is a multitude of ways you can get cheap assignment help. For example, you can conduct group studies to work with your peers or ask your seniors to assist you. You can also communicate your issues with your professor, and they will support you.

Finally, you can hire online assignment writers UK if you’re on a time crunch and desperately need help fast. And if you’re wondering which service to turn to, there’s no one better in the industry than British Assignments Help. The experts on the team are fully qualified to take on urgent orders and have the training to deliver excellent quality. So, place an order today or talk to a professional about your requirements. They have one of the best online assignment writers UK.


People from all around the world come to the UK for further education, and you can be one, too. So don’t let these myths hinder you from getting what’s best for you. We hope this post was educational and helped clarify some issues for you.

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