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10 Reasons Massage Can Prove to Be a Bliss

Massage therapy can be used in the most versatile, effective and comforting ways available. The benefits of a common massage are generally understood, and the experience is welcomed.

Relaxation, being the most common of them. Need to fix your muscle imbalance or structural issues? Massage can help.

But little do most people know, massage can actually help with a lot more than what a common person knows about. So here are 5 uncommon ways massage therapy can help you achieve mental and physical well-being in an uncommon way with no side-effects.

  1. Relieving Postural Stress

Most people suffer from weird postures due to the many different sitting and standing positions they have to stand and sit in . If your work requires you to get involved in same motion. You are at the risk of getting bad posture and the negative effects that come with it.


Massage therapy can help with re-aligning muscles and treating injuries. Massage therapists are specially trained to have knowledge and experience with the musculoskeletal system and can restore the balance in your body especially after postural stress.


A body that regains postural balance has preventative medical benefits. Since it is more likely to maintain the balance even after the added stress after the treatment. For cumulative problems such as postural imbalances massage therapy is a great way to head them off at the source. For people that are not able to get professional massage sessions on a regular basis. Affordable massage chairs are a good option for them.

2) Help with Mitigate Anxiety and Depression:

The modern society we live in, makes it very easy for a person to go in the dark world of depression and anxiety. While the causes may vary depending on the person.

You can confidently say that anxiety and depression do make up the majority of the mental illness people face. The more dangerous thing about mental illness, is that people take it less seriously and don’t seek medication as they should.

By creating a calming and soothing atmosphere, combined with the therapeutic effects of massage therapy. It is possible to get major relief in these mental conditions.

Such treatments can have great effects on a persons overall well-being.

3) Improves Sleep

There are several different ways in which massage therapy can help improve your sleep. Stress and anxiety are the biggest thieves of sleep. Massage provides relief from stress and induces the feeling of calm that gently pushes you to sleep.

People that have regular massage sessions also find it easier to find comforting sleeping positions because of the regained structural balance and alleviation in localized pain.

4) Improves Circulation

A massage therapist can identify a set of muscles that may be inducing localized pain. By working on different layers of the musculature the body end of extremities are thoroughly worked. And the muscles tend to become more relaxed.

This can help in alleviating inflammation and the improvement of blood circulation. Massage can also help increase the response to injuries and recovering from diseases.  Improvement in blood circulation gives the body adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients which is essential for a completely working body.


5) Boosts White Blood Cells

Massage has many chemical benefits other than producing cortisol and vasopressin in your body. Many studies have confirmed that using massage therapy on regular basis are more likely to have an abundant amount of white blood cells, which determine how immune your body is to outside pathogens.


Moreover, when your body comes out of a state of stress and depression. Your body’s immune response already skyrockets. Making you more receptive to diseases.

6) Massage can Boost Focus

Ever found it difficult paying attention in a meeting or maybe you just can’t make yourself read a book before bed? If yes, then massage can help enhance your focus and increase your attention span.

Many studies have concluded that attention and focus is a by-product of staying calm and relaxed. If you heart-beat is normal. You are more likely to pay more attention compared to when you have an elevated heart beat.

Massage therapy is capable of slowing down your nervous system, which in return slows down your heart rate too. The pressure induced on your muscles by massage could decrease your heart rate and ultimately improve your focus.

7) Helps to Heal from Injuries

Soft-tissue restrictions are the results of injury or joint pain. These are the most common causes of trigger points and knots. Massage therapy can resolve these muscle problems by increasing blood flow and applying pressure.

If not dealt properly, and on time. These muscle problems can turn into ligament problems or joint decay. So using massage therapy for your muscle restrictions not only helps your well-being in the short run, but also saves you from long-term damage.

It is important that you always take your muscle problem to a licensed massage therapist who is experienced in injuries.

An inexperienced practitioner can end up asserting too much or too less of a pressure which may lead to further damage or no effect at all on the muscles. Professional massage therapists would be able to identify the areas that need working and the ones that are better to be avoided.

8)  Relieves Anxiety

Anxiety could be really hard to deal with. Especially when most people around you have not been in the same place. Studies suggest that massage therapy can significantly reduce the symptoms of chronic anxiety.

Your body uses two different nervous systems for different situations. Suppose you are facing a threat, like being chased by a lion. Your flight or fight response is going to be responsible for your survival. This sort of response is triggered by the sympathetic nervous system.

Your parasympathetic system on the other side, is response for daily life activities that need much of your calm and focused responses. Massage therapy is known to stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system which can decrease your anxiety levels.

And the best part? These reduced anxiety levels remain with you in the long run, According to the study findings, the participants maintained lower anxiety levels for the next 6 to 18 months.

9) Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is the most important systems in our body. It is responsible for many important tasks including maintaining the fluids in the body and to make sure your immune system is working at its finest. The lymphatic system works with the largely spread blood vessels spread throughout the neck, arm pits and groin.

Since almost every massage session focuses on these muscles. It also helps drain the lymphatic massages drainage in the blood vessels found in these muscles.

These blood vessels carry in them dead blood cells, pathogens and waste products. Build of all these elements can cause fluid retention. Lymphatic drainage can help reduce edema in certain parts of the body.

10) Healthy Stomach

Many people don’t know this, but having a stressed mind can take a huge toll on your stomach. It also effects how effectively your body can processes foods and nutrients. It is also one of the main culprits of chronic acne or eczema.

Stress hormones can kill good bacteria in your gut. Which is responsible for digesting and moving food and waste through your intestines. Massage can help you with your mental well-being ultimately avoiding all the digestive issues.
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