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11 Best Ways To Get Fast YouTube Views

YouTube, which has over 2 billion monthly active users, is the second-most used entertainment app behind Netflix. However, even if you’ve been producing high-quality content for a while, viewing viewership shows that you’ve only received 33 views, four likes, and zero comments. This might be annoying.

Whether or not this is your experience, I’m going to show you how to get fast YouTube views on YouTube¬† and how to increase your subscribers base on YouTube. Let’s start now.

1. Use viewing loops to increase viewing metrics

For the YouTube algorithm, viewing statistics like watch times and average views per user are very crucial. These measurements are used by YouTube to assess how successfully your channel can maintain viewers on the site.

Watch time has been YT’s top performance metric since 2012. Their preferred method of determining how long someone has been on the platform is this!

It states on YouTube:

“You gain from your content when it encourages viewers to watch videos for longer periods of time throughout all of YouTube, not just on your channel.

Each video that is posted as well as every YouTube channel are “ranked” based on watch time, which is calculated in total minutes watched. Higher watch time channels and videos are more likely to appear in search results and recommendations.

Probably on your mind is how to increase your viewing stats. The solution is to design viewing loops.

In order to keep viewers on your channel, a viewing loop encourages them to watch more of your intriguing or pertinent content.

2. Gain Attention From Your Audience By Publishing At the Best Moments

Ensure that you are posting videos at the most effective time for your audience. But how can you tell when that will be? Well, YouTube makes finding it simple.

To find out when your viewers are on YouTube, check the audience report on YouTube. TubeBuddy also offers a tool that tracks your viewers’ watch times.

Use YouTube statistics to determine when your target audience is most likely to be watching videos.

Instead of releasing your video during the peak, you should do so one hour beforehand to allow viewers time to explore other videos on your channel. Alternately, if your report doesn’t have enough views, adhere to these general rules.

3. Make Use Of The Community Tab On YouTube To Engage And Excite Your Viewers

Community is highly valued on YouTube. They want the content that they love to be shared and interacted with by producers and their viewers. They gauge this, for instance, using metrics for user engagement like:

  • Likes.
  • Dislikes & Comments.
  • Likewise, “ringing the bell.”

People will visit and join your community if it is active and making use of these features, which increases the likelihood that YouTube will promote your videos.

By including calls to action at the conclusion of your films, where you invite viewers to like, comment, and “like,” you can improve these metrics.

However, there’s more.

You can use the new community tab feature on YouTube if you have more than 1000 subscribers.

Here, community members can communicate by pinning, hearting, and leaving comments. Additionally, you can heighten interest by:

audience polling to generate additional subject suggestions

organising a Q&A

postings in communities

sharing relevant live streams and videos.

4. Increase Interest in Your Upcoming Video With The Premieres Feature

Setting videos to Premieres is another fun tool available on YouTube. This enables producers like you to advertise the video before it goes online, just like a movie or TV programme premiere!

A Premiere can be made in 5 simple steps:

Select “Upload” from the menu.

Access the “visibility” tab.

Specify the day and hour you want your video to go live.

Pick the “set as premiere” radio button.

Select “Schedule” from the menu.

And presto! You used Premiere to make a video.

A shareable “watch” page is generated once your video is set to Premiere so that viewers can see it as it becomes live. Until then, you can promote your Premiere and interact with people on this page.

5. Make YouTube Videos For Your Channel To Drive More Traffic

Don’t be misled:

People enjoy interacting with really brief content, such as what you may see on TikTok or Instagram Stories, even on YouTube.

YouTube created Shorts for this reason. They are brief, vertical videos that don’t last more than 60 seconds. (You can read more about them on YouTube’s official page here.)

Shorts can be a simple approach to get people’s attention and encourage them to watch your most recent video.

Simply said, the objective is to be seen.

The best aspect is that there are no prerequisites for creators to begin using YouTube Shorts; anyone may start using this function. You only need to:

Be careful to shoot or crop your video vertically.

Make sure your video is no longer than 60 seconds.

To enable YouTube to index the video as a Short and add it to the “Shorts Shelf” that displays on the YouTube site, use the hashtag #Shorts in the title or description of the video.

6. Work Together With Other YouTubers To Gain More Attention

The community of YouTube users is unto itself. So participate in it! Find like-minded creators whose audiences overlap with yours and work together to create original content.

This is particularly well-liked among YouTube gamers who frequently work together by playing cooperative games like Among Us: The Game.

Working together is advantageous since it exposes both YouTubers to new viewers. Additionally, this is the ideal opportunity to use YouTube Live. You can live stream with a bigger channel and be seen by their subscribers if you have a smaller channel that wants to grow its subscriber base.

7. Use YouTube Ads To Reach Highly Specific Demographics

You may utilise Google Ads to create sponsored ad campaigns, and YouTube Ads is a tried-and-true method to obtain more views for your videos if you have the funds for it.

However, you must approach it strategically. You must specify concrete objectives for your sponsored advertising campaign!

Think about it:

What are you trying to advertise?

Which point are you trying to make?

What does achievement entail? Increased leads, sales, etc.

In order to use a high-quality video that you are confident will keep your audience interested, make sure the videos you select have good audience retention.

Once you’ve chosen the kind of material you want to promote, you need to pinpoint and advertise to the right audience. Your video advertising can be targeted in a variety of ways, but the following are the most common ones:

Targeting certain keywords that are relevant to the videos you want to promote will help you advertise your adverts. These terms should relate to the videos and ideally have a good search traffic.

Target your chosen audience depending on their sex, age, and other demographics. Targeting based on audience affinities lets you choose your audience based on Google’s tracking and identification of their interests. They may browse, read, or search for this.

Targeting similar audiences is possible by creating an email list of your current clients and uploading it to Google Ads, which will then compile a list of people to display your ad to.

Your sponsored advertising strategy should ultimately target unfamiliar audiences that are similar to your current clients.

The sponsored ad retargeting method is another option. As a result, you will market to groups of people who are already familiar with your company.

You will also need to supply an email list of persons who have seen your Google Ads in order to accomplish this.

These individuals can be subscribers who have discontinued their subscriptions or nonpaying customers.

Retargeting assists you in connecting with your most qualified leads and may be less expensive than focusing on a completely other audience.

8. Tell your community and followers on social media to watch your videos


One common error that YouTubers make when trying to increase their viewership is that they become so preoccupied with seeking new subscribers that they neglect to interact with their present ones.

But the reality is…

Utilizing all of your present channels, you must advertise your new films to your existing viewership. That implies:

sharing on the community tab on YouTube.

social media posting of links.

Making social media stories and short films to inform people.

sending out a mass email.

These can even be used in conjunction with other strategies you’ve picked up from this list, such as making a Premiere and disseminating the link a few days beforehand.

After completing that, you can start considering more sophisticated strategies.

9. Participate In Applicable Facebook Groups

Anyone trying to create a niche community should join Facebook groups. (You, if you manage a YouTube channel!)

They are gathering places for people who genuinely care about a subject to exchange information, suggestions, and counsel. Get involved in these communities if you want to leave your imprint there!

begin by:

locating groups with similar interests to those covered in your video.

joining discussions without contributing material links.

making a note of the frequent problems that people bring up.

Until you feel like you have a place in the community, be engaged and helpful. You should start disseminating links to your video content just after that!

10. Team Up Your Video Content With Relevant Social Media Influencers


Using influencers is another tried-and-true method to increase views on social media. Influencers can turn their followers into watchers of your videos because they have a large audience that fervently believes what they have to say.

In fact, a 2019 Edelman consumer poll found that 63% of respondents preferred influencers’ opinions on brands to those of the companies themselves.

And marketers are aware of this; according to Influencer Marketing Hub, 92% of marketers believe that influencer marketing is effective.

You may therefore increase the number of views on your YouTube channel by developing relationships with influencers and having them promote it.

11. To increase traffic, embed your videos in relevant blogs and forums

Video marketing is a key component of increasing your viewership. You may increase organic traffic to your films by promoting them on various websites.

To increase traffic and views to your channel, you can embed your videos in Q&A communities like Reddit or Quora.

Finding discussions on Q&A forums with strong Google traffic levels and posting your video material there is the key to success. To determine which pertinent keywords receive the most traffic, you might use a premium service like Ahrefs Site Explorer.


Although the article was lengthy, we appreciate your perseverance. I hope you found this essay useful. Use the advice above to increase your YouTube views quickly. I realise it can be challenging to manage tasks like content creation, YouTube SEO, and thumbnail optimization. But don’t worry, there are plenty of businesses that can assist you in obtaining YouTube views. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about YouTube promotion cost many businesses offer it for a low price.

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