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Frsky RC is a company focused on the research and development of electronic components

Frsky RC is a fairly new company since its establishment. Recently, due to the rapid development of electronic research, it was founded in 2010. As a company focusing on the research and development of electronic components, frsky RC is one of the most famous companies dedicated to radio control equipment, production of controllers (transmitters) and receivers.

Frsky command launcher

The frsky launcher or launcher is currently one of the most used because of its infinite mass options and a great price, it can compete with other brands without any problems, more names and ages, and even more than simple use features and custom options in shape and color diversity, There are many shapes and sizes of stations, not just traditional squares, many people’s little hands or children can’t use them comfortably because their fingers can’t control them well and can use them easily.

The most popular frisky transmitter

Taranis x9d is the most commonly used, especially its evolution. X9d plus has some improvements. Its previous model has many possibilities and is one of the most commonly used by pilots. This is a very versatile space station, which can be used to fly airplanes, helicopters, UAVs, etc. As we can see on the back it has a compartment where we can swap different modules easily.

Taranis x Lite is another very special model, because of its design and its small size, which makes it very suitable for transporting children on long trips or starting to feel very comfortable with it. We can also buy all kinds of colors, like its sister, we can combine it with different types of modules. We also have another intermediate model, such as Taranis x9. The first two models are a little bit larger than xlite and less than x9d. It also has good features. It’s a little cheaper than the previous model. It’s a good choice for those who want to start and don’t know that they will like the world.

Another model that we can find most popular is frsky Horus becoming frsky’s flagship station and the highest performance demanding pilot. It is the latest and most powerful version of Horus X12, even with GPS, large color screen and even MP3 player.

Frsky RC receiver

At frsky R.C., we also have receivers of various formats and sizes at 2.4 GHz. In addition, we may also have receivers and telemetry, which is a very practical tool.

We have traditional receivers that are perfect for glow planes and large and powerful gasoline R.C. I personally have a few acrobatic gasoline airplanes, I won’t risk transmitters or receivers, I won’t trust all of them. I installed a forsky receiver.

And then we have the most modern micro receivers that are ideal for installing drones, from the largest recording drone to the Tinys through the powerful racing drone, which is a very small space to install all its components.

Module frsky command

Usually installed in the radio broadcast 35 GHz frequency conversion to radio broadcast 2.4 GHz this is a more practical frequency with other pilots, because you have no interference problem, so there is no need to change the crystal of our transmitter and receiver, There are still many older pilots who don’t believe in this technology, but from my personal experience, I’ve been flying at 2.4 GHz for a long time and I haven’t had any problems.

Frsky accessories

In addition to all of these devices that we saw at frsky R.C., we also have a variety of accessories, such as suitcases, custom housings, high-quality guimbals and a large number of spare parts that we need from almost any part of our transmitter.

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