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20 Points to Consider Before PSD to WordPress Conversion

When it comes to designing on computer devices, we all love to design in the best graphics designing software available to date. The same also applies to website designing. Adobe Photoshop is widely accepted state-of-the-art software, which helps designers give actual shapes to their thoughts and color their imaginations. Its user interface, options, widely available documentation, and ready-made templates make Photoshop the best choice for anyone who wants to create a WordPress-based website design.

Now, the question arises how to get the design converted to a fully functional WordPress theme? Yes, you will search on Google or Bing for PSD to WordPress theme conversion services and go with a renowned name. It is so simple to search, select a name and buy their package for this work. But do you know about the facts and figures hidden behind the curtain for these services? Let us discuss all the points related to a PSD to WordPress conversion service to reveal each related aspect.

#Turnaround Time

Turnaround Time is the time taken to convert your PSD designs to a WordPress theme. You should check for the mentioned turnaround time at the website of the conversion service provider. Few providers do not display it, so you should ask, ‘What is your turnaround time to deliver the project?’

#Price & Package

There is no standardized and single price for PSD to WordPress theme conversion service as it varies from one provider to another. Besides, they can offer a different package for this same service. These packages are crafted to either add some features or change the turnaround time. Some of them may also charge more to get the work done in fewer days. For example, a provider can charge you separately for:

  • Responsive web design
  • Retina-friendliness
  • Stretchable Header and Footer
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Adding Image Slider
  • Rollovers
  • jQuery plugins
  • Resizable Fonts
  • Drop-down menu
  • Installation on your server
  • Testing
  • Further upgrades
  • Adding specified plugins

Make sure to check the price and packages carefully before going ahead to make the payment. We advise you to compare the prices & packages of at least 3-4 PSD to WordPress service providers before making any decision. For this work, you can also refer to a website comparing these statistics for you.

#Customer Service

Even if you’re working on WordPress for the last five years, you may still need help when you get a theme converted from a third-party service provider. It is a must to check for customer service and be familiar with the way to contact them. The selected company should be reachable by a phone number, Live Chat, Contact Us Form, or email address. Few companies also provide technical support for a specific period. You must be aware of any technical support given and its duration from the selected company.

#Are They Reachable?

Check for a physical address on the website with a working contact number. You can also search local listings on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to know about their existence.


Almost every renowned WordPress development company in the market has few years of experience and a list of its clients. You can check the portfolio and go through the clients’ websites to have a look at the work done by your selected provider. If the clients are high-profile, service providers have good market value and can be given a chance to consider.


WordPress is well-known for its customization and easy tailoring. Can you tailor the converted theme to add few add-ons like toolbar, social sharing plugins, contact us form, or any other thing? The theme files like Index.php, Home.php, Header.php, Footer.php, Search.php, etc., should be editable. This thing gives you the leverage to customize the theme on your own and use it for a long time. So, there will be less need to depend upon the service provider.


How many widgets are there in your converted theme? The service provider will create an as-it-is WordPress theme from your PSD design. So, check whether it has the widgets at the same place where you have specified?

#Cross-Browser Compatibility

Nowadays, every website is aiming to be cross-browser compatible with all major browsers. So, please check whether the selected service provider offers cross-browser compatibility for your theme. If yes then

  • Is there any extra cost for making your theme cross-browser compatible?
  • How many browsers are included in their package?
  • Which versions of the browsers are covered?
  • Will your theme be compatible with the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer?

#Support for Outdated Browsers

WordPress 3.2 dropped the support for Internet Explorer 6. Before that, service providers inserted the code to let the theme work upon this outdated IE. Please check whether your provider offers this feature if you are using the obsolete version of WordPress.

#Supported WordPress Versions

The latest version of WordPress is 5.7. The converted theme should be compatible with the latest version. If you’re running your website still on an outdated version, then inform the service provider to make the theme compatible with that one.

#Scope for Future WordPress Updates often releases upgrades, and almost every user installs them to stay up-to-date. Ask whether the converted theme will remain compatible with the future WordPress upgrades or need any change? If a change is necessary, then you should know about the extra charges, if applicable.

#Page Load Speed

You cannot specify the optimizations to speed up the theme in Photoshop. Please check whether the service provider offers page load speed optimization with theme conversion. Can they insert the code for it within your theme?

#Is It Hand-coded Work?

There are tools available to convert the PSD designs to themes. However, these tools not only degrade the quality but also do not offer as-it-is conversion. PSD to WordPress conversion should be manual and completely hand-coded to have an as-it-is design.

#Pixel Perfect Design

vA pixel-perfect design resizes perfectly on all zoom levels. Even the bullets and pictures do not degrade their quality on higher zoom levels. Some providers offer this functionality at some extra cost, whereas others include it in their provided package. Check for it.</

#Search Engine Friendly Coding

Theme code must be optimized as per the latest WordPress SEO guidelines to be easily indexed by search engines. Will the converted theme have search engine-friendly code?

#Warranty Period

Good PSD to WordPress providers offers Money Back guarantee. If you do not like their work, then the paid amount is refunded. Check whether the service provider gives you such an offer and deduct some charges on such refunds? You can also check their Refund Policy for more information.

#Secrecy of Work

Your design is an output of hard work for many days, so it should be kept secret. Most companies understand this and undergo a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before entering into the contract. Check their NDA section for more information.

#Payment Options

Do they accept payment only through PayPal? Do they transact only in the U.S. Dollar? You must get leverage to pay in your currency and through any medium like Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, PayPal, etc.

#Demo Before Final Delivery

Does the service provider offer a live demo of the converted theme at their server before final delivery? The demo shows you how your theme will look exactly and is there any change required? Select a company that provides a live demo.

#Installation on Your Server

It is a breeze to install the default WordPress themes. Still, installing a PSD-converted theme becomes tedious sometimes, especially when the existing content on your website does not work correctly with it. So, ask whether the service provider offers to install the converted theme on your website. If yes, then is there any extra cost for it?

If you are aware of the above points, you can surely make a great and profitable deal with any PSD to WordPress conversion service provider.

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Ajeet Yadav

Ajeet is a senior wordpress developer associated with WordpressIntegration, where he is responsible for writing custom JavaScript code during the conversion process. In his spare time, he writes on different topics related to WordPress, JavaScript and Web Design to share his work experience with others.

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