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2020 Home decor trends in Kuwait

Moving into a new home is so exciting for many reasons. One of them is that you can finally express all your décor ideas and make yourself a dream home. However, when faced with making decisions about what is the best style to choose – many people are confused and indecisive. That’s why we wanted to help you out by creating a list of the latest trends in home decor. What’s popular at the moment and what are the best ways to make your new home both modern and practical? Here are 2020 home decor trends in Kuwait you should take a look at.

Is interior design connected to architecture in Kuwait?

Before you jump to the top trends of 2020, you should understand the connection between Kuwait’s architecture and interior design. In both of these, the traditional approach is very much valued and is reflected in the style of buildings, inside materials, and furniture. However, with the development of Kuwait, the modern, western design trends appeared and made the perfect mix with the traditional approach. That’s why sometimes you can see some unusual, but amazing buildings and home décor styles that resulted from this connection.

Make your home beautiful according to your preferences

Going through home decor trends is a starting point of your décor preparation. The way you should adapt and decorate your home is by listening to your heart and acting according to your preferences. The bottom line is you and your family feeling good at the new house, which should represent your lifestyle and likings.

Move safely to your new Kuwait home

Apart from being beautiful and cozy, your home needs to be safe, too. Start with planning your move with a reliable moving company. A company that has experience in Kuwait residential relocations and that can make your relocation as stress-free as possible. Check for more information on professional services and affordable moving rates.

House keys in a hand
Moving into your new home should be easy and stress-free, so you can easily focus on decorating it.

The home décor trends in Kuwait in 2020

Now let’s go through the most popular home décor styles in Kuwait for the year 2020. These can all serve you as inspiration, so you can pick some of the styles and tips and upgrade your home the best way possible.

Smart Home Systems

As we are talking about the latest housing trends, we should start with what develops the most – and that’s technology. Smart home systems are one of the trends taking over the list of the most popular home improvement methods. But, why is this trend so popular in Kuwait? Well, it’s because of many sunny days – solar energy smart systems, combined with good insulation, will provide your home with energy, and significantly reduce your utility bills. Apart from these, you can also invest in other smart technologies, such as smart light controls, security systems, etc. There are so many of these nowadays, so be sure to pick ones according to your needs and requirements. And we are sure smart home systems will make your new home look cool, but also be very practical, too.

smart home as one of the home décor trends in Kuwait
Smart home solutions are surely one of the home décor trends in Kuwait in 2020 – why don’t you try them out?

Creative storage solutions

Another way to decorate your home but also improve its storage efficiency is being creative with closets and drawers. This is especially important if you’re moving into a smaller place, or you simply want to use the space in your home as efficiently as possible. Some of the solutions include:

  • shelves in various sizes and styles
  • hidden drawers
  • multipurpose furniture
  • hidden closets under your staircase, etc.

Moving into a completely decorated home

When talking about bigger home improvements such as installing closets, you should do this before you move in. So, when planning your move, be sure to plan the new home improvements that require more time and make more mess, so you can finish everything before the moving day. Also, you can hire a professional moving team to help you move and feel comfortable in your brand new home –they can do all the moving work while you focus on decorating the new home.

Dark wood on your furniture

We could indeed see pastels ruling the top list of home decor trends, especially those inspired by Scandinavian homes. However, the year 2020 brings more depth and elegance to colors and materials. Kuwait homes should now welcome wooden furniture and other items in darker shades.  The focus is on making the home more luxurious, and expensive-looking. Coffee tables, chairs, dressers, nightstands – you name it. And now let’s see what are the colors to use with this furniture.

Colors to use in home decor in Kuwait in 2020

Again, pastel shades and light color palettes are stepping away, and we can now paint our homes in more bold colors that go amazingly well with dark wood items we mentioned above. If you’re insecure about being too bold, try to make a perfect mix of light paint for your wall, with a pop of color on an accent wall, home decor items such as pillows, unique armchairs, etc. Experiment with the most popular colors – orange, green, and red.

Bass detials as one of the home décor trends in Kuwait
Sometimes, details can make the room totally different.

Shiny details

On the same note of making your home more elegant, there should be some shiny details in your new living space. In the years behind us, we could see copper and rose gold details everywhere, and it was one of the leading trends in recent years. However, when stepping into 2020, we can see more and more brass elements in Kuwait’s homes, but also all around the world. You can start with minor details such as picture frames or lamps, or add bigger items such as furniture with brass legs or handles. Combined with darker colors and wood, it will create a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere you’ll love spending time in.

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