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2020’s Best Blogging Platforms for Budding Writers

Blogs have been a popular form of sharing your knowledge with the world. It is most commonly known as blogging 2020’s , which refers to writing an online journal that displays every information targeting the audience’s interest. It is in this decade that blogging became an essential part of spreading information, online marketing, and more. A lot of fashion bloggers and social media influencers have now become famous, as they took a leap of faith in blogging a few years ago.

Nowadays, blogging has picked up everyone’s interest and has become a popular method for sharing everything from any corner of the world. So, a lot of companies have come forward to offer a platform to people but only a few are able to provide the best services and reach to the bloggers. Here are some of the best blogging platforms:

Host Gator

Gator is a blogging platform and a web builder. They offer three-tier plans, i.e., Starter, E-Commerce, and Premium. The price of the plans ranges between $3.46/mo to $8.30/mo. The drag-and-drop interface brings convenience and speed to your work. You can choose from a variety of themes for your blog and site. Their cloud infrastructure makes it convenient to share your work with the world and their services are easy to use.


Their services are completely dedicated to bloggers. You can choose from a variety of themes and templates, or customize the designs on your own for your blog. You can either get a ‘’ domain name for free or purchase them as per your requirements. Allow Google AdSense to display relevant targeted ads on your blogs to earn some cash from them. The built-in analytics will fetch you the information about your audience, or connect your blog with Google Analytics to get detailed information.


They have the biggest community of bloggers and are one of the best platforms to begin your blogging journey. WordPress offers a mobile-friendly interface, responsive themes, and they bring new themes every week. You can easily customize the themes and the built-in social sharing features allow you to share your work on any social media platform directly. The in-depth stats bring all the information, making it convenient for you to know your audience better. They also include built-in SEO tools that widen your reach to a new audience.


Tumblr’s services are not limited to blogs, rather they enable you to create TV shows, stories, Spotify tracks, videos, GIFs, and much more. You will get to use a unique feature where it allows you to reblog someone’s post on your blog. This increases engagement and adding comments to posts can help you meet new people. You can choose to post your blogs in seven different styles. They will automatically help your blog reach more people.


It is an open-source blogging service provider that offers 14 days of free trial before you choose any of their plans. Engaging with the audience and publishing content becomes easier. They offer you full control over design, themes, content, and everything in between. The SEO feature automatically helps you catch the eyes of the readers. The built-in email newsletter makes it convenient to connect with your audience. They offer three-tier plans for publishers, entrepreneurs, and developers while offering some unique features to each of them.


Their latest version 4.1.1 blogging platform offers plug-ins, tutorials, themes, and various other tools and resources that will help you launch better blogs. The content management tools offer better workflow and control over your work. GitHub hosts Jekyll which ensures that you don’t have to compromise with the quality of services and you can also choose to get hosting services from them. All the services are available for free.

These blogging platforms are unique on their own and offer great services at an acceptable price range. Some of them also offer free services but they might not be equivalent to the paid memberships of other platforms. Choose your pick wisely before signing up for anyone’s membership plans and compare the services as well to get the best one out for yourself.

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