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3 Short wigs Recommdation for hot summer

Style 1. Patsy Synthetic Wig

This is my second non-surgical hair from Uniwigs LaVivid. So Far I love both of them. Patsy is a beautiful wig. I choose the color Java Shimmered,which match my skin tone perfectly. And it is super easy to put on and you don’t take much time to style it. Just shake it and put it on, ready to go. — Maggie.O Jun 16, 2017

This short pixie cut wig is perfect for hot summer. It is very light weight. You cannot even feel wearing a wig on your head. All in all, So Far So good for me. Love Patsy! — JeanniLAC Jun 27, 2017

Style 2. Lisa Synthetic Wig

Stunning, sophisticated, elegant wig! So natural looking. Such a youthful cut. I love this entire Lavivid collection. Love the little bit of highlighting in the wig. Makes it look like my own hair. — Jan Marla Stark Apr 05, 2017

i always wear a long wigs, as my natural hear is thin. but this time i decided to try a short wig, and it’s look very good! my color is Java Shimmered and its looks fantastic! very fashionable! i will upload the pictures. — Jan Apr 01, 2017

Style 3. Jenny Synthetic Mono Wig

When I receive the wig, I am turely amazed by its natural looking. Each strand of the hair is tied to the Monofilament base,which looks like the hair growing out of the base. And you can make either the side part or the middle part, very flexible parting space. I really Love the Jenny Wig. — Dona78 Jun 16, 2017

Jenny is a great great wig. I love it so so much. It is synthetic wig with a Mono top and Front lace. The Monofilament is really soft and you can part anywhere you want on the top area of this wig. And the parting line just looks so natural. No one can tell I am wearing a wig when I go outside. — PamealaTorres Jun 09, 2017

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