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4 Electrical Safety Tips For All Homeowners

As much as electricity has become a part of our daily lives, it has the potential to malfunction in our homes and cause harm. Keeping the electric systems of our home safe and up-to-date is not only important for our everyday usage but also to avoid major disasters. It will also prove helpful if you ever think about selling the house, as the electric system one of the main components checked by home inspector kitchener

Although it is wise to call for professional help when needed, with a bit of reading and research, you can learn about the electric system of your house. In case of emergencies, it is always good to know your way around electrical systems. 

Here Are a Few Things That You Should Know About When Dealing With Any Electrical Issues at Home:

  • The Main Electric Panel

There is a main electric board/panel located in your house that allows the flow of electricity from the ultility supply. It acts as a distribution point for electricity to the whole house. If you are not sure where this main panel is, first go around the house and find it (or ask your electric guy). The circuit breakers or fuses (in the case of older homes) are located in this main load. In case there is an overload of power or a short circuit, the circuit breaker trips and cuts off the flow of current. These breakers must be labeled properly to know which appliance or area they provide to. 

  • GFCI Outlets

A Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor is a device that is used to interrupt a circuit to prevent electric shock. By constantly monitoring the inflow and outflow of current, the GFCI outlet immediately stops the flow of current in the circuit when it detects an imbalance in said flow. 

For example, if the plug connecting your grinder falls into a sink full of water, it will be detected by the GFCI and the current will be stopped, thereby averting a problem.

They are usually installed for outlets near water or damp areas like the bathroom and kitchen. 

  • Safety of Children  

If you have toddlers or kids in your house, their safety comes foremost. Remember to use safety plugs for unused outlets. Teach children not to put their fingers or other objects into electric outlets. Keep children away from power lines, circuit boxes, and high-utility electric appliances.

  • Take Care of Appliances

Everyday use appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, and dishwashers must be checked often as their use can put stress on the circuits. Be careful not to keep connected appliances in closed spaces or near water. If you spot chewed out wires, faulty insulation, the smell of fire when using an appliance, or any other malfunctioning, unplug the appliance and can for professional help. 

In case you decide to do some DIY fixing, remember to use safety gear. 


Electrical safety is of top priority in any home. Knowing how the system works will help keep everyone at home safe, and also keep the system functioning for longer.
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