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4 Top Business Hacks to Help With Press Release Distribution

Did you know that the first press release was used in the United States in 1955? While writing one might not take you too much effort, there is a bit of work to do when it comes to distributing the press release. We have put together this short guide to share some tips about sending out a press release template to the right places.

Keep reading for our top tips on distributing your next press release.

1. Include Images or Video

Including a press release that has an image is a lot more likely to be covered by the media than a press release that does not have a picture. Adding a video will boost the chances even more. Journalists have a more engaging story to tell when there is a video or an image which is why the chances of coverage are a lot higher.

Keep in mind that when you email individual journalists your press release along with a video or image the larger attachment might annoy journalists that receive plenty of emails every day. Instead, you can publish everything on a website and then send a link within your email. This will make the email light and show respect towards the journalist’s time and space.

2. Subject Line

The more irresistible your subject line is the higher the chances are that your email with the press release pitch will be opened. For example, if you want someone to open this page then make sure to keep the subject line short and sweet with less than 10 words. Also, make sure that the subject line is innovative, disruptive, and completely unique enough to peek another human’s interest.

3. Follow Up

When you take the time to write a press release then it is smart to follow up with those that you sent it to. Do not simply spam their inbox though with the same exact -pitch and release. Instead, tweak the angle of your pitch to avoid annoying them.

Treat the follow-up email as a chance to do a fresh pitch transition.

4. Contact the Right People

Do not waste your time trying to get the wrong publications or people to share your press release. For example, a small business that is trying to get some coverage should contact local publications. Sending the release to international or national news outlets makes it less likely that they will share or publish it.

Take the time to make sure that the target journalists are a good fit for your story and brand. Make sure that those on your distribution list are relevant to your industry and audience.

Ready to Distribute Your Next Press Release?

We hope that now that you are familiar with our top tips on distributing a press release you can apply everything right away and notice a difference in how many outlets publish it.

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