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4 Ways Athenahealth EHR Software Helps Improve Your ROI

Implementing a sound EHR software has become a need of today. If you were to manually ensure clinical quality measures and follow the guidelines of regulatory bodies, it would be quite an impossible task. That’s where an electronic health records (EHR) system comes into play here. It helps simplify your clinical workflows and streamline routine administrative tasks as well. This helps reduce the burden on physicians and makes them more focused on ensuring patient care. And what better than one of the best EHR service providers; Athenahealth.

Athenahealth EHR Software is a cloud-based service provider that started in 1997 and their initial aim was to provide quality EHR services to physicians all over the nation. However, now their vision has evolved into a much greater scope. Currently, Athenahealth EHR stands to provide affordable, quality and sustainable healthcare services for all. Their services include:

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Enterprise Revenue Cycle
  • Patient Engagement
  • Medical Billing
  • Care Coordination

Although the list of benefits Athenahealth EHR provides is very extensive. Here we’ll be discussing some of the features that help improve your Return on Investment (ROI) as well as streamlining your operations.

Monitoring and Improving

Making sure your medical practice is able to run efficiently and is paid on time is a tough job. However, Athenahealth EHR helps simplify this task by providing insights into market trends and your practice’s financial performance. Thus, making sure you always achieve your financial goals. 

One of the unique features that Athenahealth EHR brings to the table is monitoring and reviewing your financial performance. This helps them identify any red flags or inconsistencies within your financial performance. They also provide unique and creative ways to solve those problems through quarterly coaching sessions. 

Billing “Rules Engine”

Athenahealth EMR also has a very strategic feature called billing “Rules Engine”. The objective of this feature is to help you get paid on time and be paid the full amount and minimize deductions to the bare minimum. You might wonder, “How does that work?” 

The answer’s pretty simple. Athenahealth’s billing “Rules Engine” keeps an eye on the semi-consistent billing requirements of your payers. In addition, it also looks out for changes in the guidelines of any regulatory body. A recent example would be the E&M coding changes that will take charge from Jan 1st, 2020.

Similarly, this handy feature also checks your denied, rejected and underpaid claims in hopes of resubmission. This, combined with keeping an eye for changes in the requirements of payers, helps create opportunities for you to resubmit your denied, rejected and underpaid claims. Therefore, helping you get paid faster and increase ROI. 

Now comes the third feature that Athenahealth EHR’s “Rules Engine” offers. They’ve pre-designed 23,000+ rules that help provide checks that ensure at least a 94% first try pass on insurance claims. It’s also 25% higher than the industry average for the first pass. With all of these features combined into one service, Athenahealth ensures you receive faster and full payments.

Automate Appointment Reminders

Now I know what you might be thinking, “How can automated appointment reminders help me increase ROI?” Well, the answer’s actually quite simple. According to a recent study, practices that employ automated appointment reminders experience an average of $10,000 increase in revenue per year. Here’s how having an automated appointment reminder helps your practice:

Improving Patient Health: When patients don’t show up for appointments, it’s not only just the practice’s loss but also the loss of healthcare the patient should have gotten. Reminding the patients through automated texts or email can greatly increase the chances of patients showing up for their appointments.

Enhancing Administrative Efficiency: One of the most significant benefits of having automated appointment reminders through text or email is that your staff doesn’t have to call each patient up every time to remind them. This alone helps practices save over $5,000 annually for each staff member responsible for calling the patients.

Ensuring Patient Satisfaction: Most of the time, patients are busy during work hours and do not pick up calls from unknown numbers. However, they are more than willing to appreciate a text or email reminder that doesn’t distract them from their work.

Patient Outreach with AthenaCommunicator

AthenaCommunicator is one of the services that Athenahealth offers and helps in driving patient retention. One of the key features of this service includes messaging that is designed to engage and communicate with the patient. In fact, Athenahealth ensures to improve at least 46% patient engagement.

You can also customize your messages through automated reminders. This includes messages for email, text, and even phone calls. Athenahealth increases patient engagement and satisfaction through online appointment scheduling, patient messaging, and their brand new telehealth solution.

When your patients are engaged with your practice, the chances of no-shows greatly reduce. When no-shows reduce, the number of patients that visit your practice would increase and subsequently mean more revenue for your practice. Therefore, Athenahealth uses patient engagement and satisfaction to ensure you don’t miss out on any missed revenue opportunities. 

Athenahealth EHR Software Is All-in-One Solution

Athenahealth EHR is considered to be an all-rounder when it comes to providing technical services to healthcare practices. This cloud-based EHR provides services like EMR, practice management, enterprise revenue cycle, care coordination, etc. Not only do they live up to the mark when it comes to these services, but they also ensure you reach your maximum potential, especially financial.

Athenahealth helps by monitoring and improving your financial performance, employing the billing “Rules Engine”, automating appointment reminders, and ensuring patient satisfaction. When it comes to providing EHR services, Athenahealth is truly like no other.


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