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5 Facts about The Inner Circle Revealed on ‘Talk is Jericho’

‘Talk is Jericho’

The AEW has made quite a bold statement since the Dynamite episodes. They have gained a lot of popularity among the viewers aged between 18-49 years. A large part of this achievement is owed to the creation of “The Inner Circle.” Under the leadership of Chris Jericho, The Inner Circle has breathed new life into the AEW.

Each member of The Inner Circle appears to have a defined role. With Jericho being the leader, the LAX tag team (Santana and Ortiz) assigned with doing the dirty work, Hager the muscle and Guevara representing the future. When The Inner Circle was first introduced in the second episode of Dynamite, Jericho made it a point to highlight the respective roles of each member of the group. These set roles create a build-up that the viewers can easily track.

In a recent episode of Jericho’s podcast, some interesting facts about The Inner Circle were exposed. We’re here to bring you some fascinating information about The Inner Circle.

The Formation of The Inner Circle

It was revealed that the tag team inspiration had been taken from “A Lion’s Tale,” a book about Jericho’s career. Together, Ortiz and Santana realised how becoming a part of a tag team would help them obtain success.

Jake Hager’s Deal

In the beginning, Tony Khan had decided to use a British boxer, Anthony Ogogo for the team. However, Jericho was quick to float the idea of having Jake Hager for The Inner Circle to Tony. It turned out that Jake was able to make a deal with both the Bellator and the AEW and now works with both.

The First Night of Dynamite

On the very first night of Dynamite, as the team was getting ready to go live, Jericho realised that the LAX tag team had gone MIA. Apparently, Santana and Ortiz had been whizzed away from the locker room for promotional photographs. When the show was about to begin, they found themselves as far away as they could possibly be from the fighting ring.

The Planning of the Stadium Stampede

The iconic Stadium Stampede match had everyone at their creative best. The Inner Circle decided to join forces with The Elite to compose the event. They made the most of the pool cabanas at the Jacksonville Stadium. Apparently, a really large amount of water was transported from The Lake of Reincarnation that The Inner Circle were unaware of.

In the spirit of the event, Jericho also collaborated with QT Marshall and let the team choose their own jerseys. Jericho chose the number 27 for himself owing to the fact that his father’s jersey number in the NHL had been 27.

Hager’s Poem At The Pep Rally

Turns out that the heartfelt poem recited by Jake Hager at the pep rally after the Stadium Stampede had actually been written by Jake himself. Jake was allowed to compose the poem without any interference from the show’s official writers..

Source : Talk is Jericho

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