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5 Things to Consider Before Buying an eReader

In this era of digitalisation, everything has been digitised. From work to education, all have come online. Brands are promoting their products, teachers giving online tutorials, co-workers having online video conferences and much more.

Books are also available online, and to read them, one must have an efficient e-reader.

Earlier, the readers had to buy those big fat physical books and adjust themselves with the uncomfortable way of reading. But now they can have user-friendly software which is cost-friendly and comfortable. One can opt for an e-reader according to their preference; this article is all about that. So let’s begin!

E Ink

Ask yourself do you prefer a paper-like experience (also known as E Ink) while reading or reading on an LCD screen is more of your type. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. E Ink saves a lot of battery life because of low brightness. On the other hand, LCD screens can display more colours and come with a touchscreen.

If you are going for electronic paper displays, make sure you compare different screens, as some have better contrast and resolutions then others. So do your homework correctly.

Size and Weight

Size and weight should be another concern for the users. When you are buying a product, ensure if you want a portable one or you like big screens more. eReaders come in all sizes and shapes. Users can get a portable one so that they can carry it anywhere conveniently. eReaders like Kindle or Barnes & Noble’s Nook Glowlight are the portable ones. And Kindle Fire is for those who like significant real estate.


There are two types of interface to control the e-reading devices. First one is the touchscreen, and the other one is with physical buttons. Buttons are installed in the old versions, whereas the new gadgets have touchscreen interfaces. However, the touchscreen has low battery life and is more laggy than the button-based systems.

Battery life

Depending on the users and whether they are going to use the device more indoors or outdoors, is the main factor of battery life. The eReader with more fancy bells and whistles will have low battery life than those which don’t.


Check how much storage your eReader is providing you. The more room it will provide, the more ebooks you can store in your e-reading device. So read all the features carefully before buying one. Some devices also have an SD card slot, which provides additional space for your books despite the internal storage.

There are plenty of e-book readers to choose from, with Kindle being the most popular option. Before buying one for yourself, consider the points given above.

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