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5 Tips on Pursuing the best AED and CPR Certification Courses

Pursuing the best AED

It has been researched that during a cardiac arrest episode, the odds of survivals downs by 7 to 10% with each passing minute, while the average attending time for medical personnel or ambulance at the scene is 8-12 minutes. This is where the AED and CPR techniques can be applied and increase the patient’s chances of survival by two or even three times.

Therefore, it is important for people to know how they can pursue the best AED and CPR certification courses and become a difference between life and death for any random patient suffering from cardiac arrest.

See if CPR certification includes AED

AED, abbreviated for Automated External Defibrillator, is applied to help the patient regain and normalize the breathing process and prevents unconscious and conscious choking. Given its importance, before signing up for any CPR certification, do see that the AED content is also included in the curriculum. Both the CPR and AED classes are relevant for personal trainers, teachers, babysitters, parents, security guards, and other professionals that have a duty to look after people around them.

The course completion must provide certificate

Apparently, top institutes worldwide including American Heart Association (AHA), American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI), etc. provide the best trainings and a certificate after the course completion. Consult your local health affairs department to see which institute’s certification they approve.

Inquire the instructors’ profiles

The profile and experience of the instructors conducting the CPR training program is very important. It is best if the instructor has acquired a certification from Red Cross or AHA. The instructors’ knowledge and experience should comply with the guidelines laid for CPR training professionals. Only accomplished instructors equipped with rigorous CPR theoretical and practical expertise are aware that they need to pursue refresher courses regularly to stay abreast with the upcoming updates and advancements in the field.

Heartsaver AED certification

The Heartsaver AED learning is a straightforward course that teaches the fundamental techniques on performing CPR. It is primarily aimed for general public who have no professional healthcare background. Do note that there are a plethora of variations available within the CPR training sessions. Broadly speaking, the courses are divided into two categories, one for medical professionals and the other one for non-medical professionals. Let it be a PALS certification online, BLS course, or ACLS certification, each may or may not have its prerequisites. As a starter, a basic Heartsaver AED course can just do fine with you. Furthermore, check the validity of your course.

Consult the timings

The timings of your classes are crucial. Try if possible, to enroll in a course that offers classes almost throughout the week. Different timings will allow you to learn in different systems, i.e., individually or in groups. The best learning happens when you learn through practical, in-class demonstrations, or even by visually interacting with the instructor through an online course.

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