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5 Ways That Will Increase Your Website Conversion Rates

Do you want to create a website that would increase the awareness of your company and help you sell goods or services? Track increase website conversion rate. A conversion is the percentage of visitors who completed a targeted action on your site, such as clicking on your ad or purchasing a product for sale. Your main goal is to convert your website traffic into leads and repeat sales.

Think it’s very simple? We will have to disappoint. Tracking conversion rates and attracting customers can be much more challenging than many thinks. Even if you have an amazing website design, it can sometimes be difficult to turn visitors into customers who bring you profits.

Inefficient call-to-action, unclear user navigation, or poorly designed key sections of a website that do not meet the needs of visitors will simply turn your website into a good-looking web space from a conversion generator.

Here are five strategies that can help turn your dingy online business into a sales generator.

1. Clear and understandable website content

You only have 3 seconds to grab the attention of your website visitor, so you must do it confidently and most importantly – clearly and simply. As you know, modern society does not tend to read much, so you will have to provide the most important information in just a few words or signs. The text and / or visual elements should reflect why people should care about what you and your business do and encourage them to take action (“call-to-action”). If you don’t, visitors will leave the site and… may never come back. You won’t let that happen, will you?

If your increase website conversion rate isn’t what you want it to be, first review the content of the page. Pay attention to the amount of content on the conversion pages. If the text is too small, carefully review whether your site has:

  • a clear title;
  • a comprehensible, concise and eye-catching summary consisting of 2-3 sentences that provides consumers with clear information about why the product or service offered is useful to them;
  • value statements that present the benefits of the product or service being sold that consumers will be able to enjoy if they choose your business;
  • an easy-to-find, understandable call-to-action;
  • user-oriented content (the font size of the text should be appropriate for different types of users, not to sink; the 14pt font size is usually used when writing no more than 13 words per line).

If your webpage meets all of the criteria listed above, carefully review the entire content of your site and evaluate places you can actually improve. For example, if it simply takes a lot of effort to contact the service to purchase your product, your call-to-action is not clear enough, you must adjust the content immediately. Another common mistake is to make value claims that do not meet consumer needs. Maybe your website isn’t related to what a potential customer expected to see when they entered it? A link to a site that is related to the value proposition to the user, relevant information can do incredible miracles!

2. Attracting potential customers

One way to improve your conversion rate is to ensure that users who visit your site are looking for the goods and services you offer. The easiest way to do this is to review both organic and advertising keywords that direct people to your site. Note which keywords attract the most new users and improve your conversion rates. You can then focus on the content that brings you the most added value – directing potential customers who want to buy a product or service. Keywords that don’t create value are worthless, so you can easily abandon them. This will help attract people who are looking for the goods or services you offer and reduce the number of consumers who are looking for something else.

3. Website optimization for mobile devices

In this era of new technology and mobile devices, you must keep pace with innovation. If your website is not optimized and attracted to mobile devices, you will lose at least 50 percent of potential customers. If you follow the latest trends, you probably know that newly created websites have a so-called “responsive” design, which allows the content of the page to be automatically adapted to various devices (laptop, tablet or mobile phone).

4. Creating a circle of “Future” customers

One of the biggest mistakes of online business is ignoring users who don’t use the call-to-action feature when they come to the site. Company name recognition is important not only for current real-time customers, but also for those who will be interested in the product or service offered later. The so-called webinars, videos, blogs, newsletters involve people in the circle of your potential “future” customers, increase the awareness of the company’s name and inform about the company’s activities. Along with, for example, newsletters, you can offer exclusive discounts or offers to potential customers. This will help improve your overall conversion rate and help engage users in your business.

5. Call to action user test

You can easily get lost when creating a website because it’s really hard to predict how users will behave when they visit your page. If your conversion rate isn’t high, we suggest running a call-to-action test. Do not make hasty and radical changes when adjusting the design or content of a page, as this can do even more damage. Have patience and discover the “golden mean”. Pay attention to the text and color of the call-to-action button, the layout of the product or service page. Adjust these details and find a solution that will help increase your overall conversion rate.

If you’re having trouble and don’t know how to improve your increase website conversion rates you contact


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