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5 Ways to Have a Dream Marriage Within a Budget

Weddings are a lavish affair in India. The preparations for the ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ begin as early as six months to a year before the big day. The pre-marriage functions include Engagement, Haldi, Mehendi and Sangeet. The events are usually planned as big and elaborate, with pomp and ever-expanding guest lists.

To make ends meet, parents, along with the bride and groom themselves, often consider a marriage loan to ensure no financial loopholes.

The good news is that today, you can have your dream wedding – no matter how big or small – without going into debt or having to hang onto a shoestring budget. All you have to do is keep an eye on the finances and spend strategically on specific areas. It will help you to cater to your top priorities well.

Take a look at how you can execute your dream wedding plan with a few simple tips.

1. Consider a Personal Loan

A personal loan for self-employed and salaried people makes it easy to finance a wedding. The leading banks ensure an extremely easy paperless and hassle-free procedure.

The facilities include:

  • Funds up to ₹40 lakhs
  • Flexibility to make part payment of 40%
  • Top-up on the existing loan

You can also think of a flexi loan with a pre-approved limit. This will usually depend on your credit rating. You can borrow the funds whenever required. It caters to immediate fund requirements in case any unexpected wedding expenses crop up.

2. Compare Vendors

People often tend to stick to one popular wedding company to avoid missing out on quality services. But try to check out other vendors too. Explore their quality of work, rates and fees. Look out for seasonal deals and offers. Try not to hesitate to ask for discounts. Negotiate well and settle for the best package that suits your needs. You might end up getting a unique plan and perspective for your wedding.

3. Hire a Wedding Planner

There are plenty of benefits of working with a planner. Here’s why it could be worth it:

  • Eases the stress and anxiety of planning a wedding
  • Plenty of inside knowledge of the florist, make-up artists or designers
  • Offers fresh ideas and inspirations for a memorable wedding

The best part is that all of these is done by keeping your budget in mind. They have tie-ups with local vendors and can help you score a better deal you might not get otherwise.

4. Utilize Your Home-Space

Make the best use of your terrace, front lawn or backyard. This can save you a considerable portion of the flexi loan instead of splurging on the venue. Consider the smaller functions like the Haldi or Mehendi here. You can take help from your friends for catering, running errands, photography or simply attending to the guests. Save luxuries like a DJ or an open bar for the wedding day to keep everything low-key and within budget.

5. Consider Renting the Attire

It is a popular choice to take clothes, shoes and jewellery on rent. It saves a big amount without having to give up on the latest designs. Don’t forget to add the expenses to the loan amount. Use a personal loan EMI calculator online to check the monthly payments. This will help you work with the finances accordingly.

You are less likely to compromise on decoration, food and venue with these tips. Neither do you have to push your budget off limits. Do work with a bank that offers easy loan eligibility to get started.

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