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6 Common Instagram Myths Busted

Instagram can help you when it comes to business promotion and reaping benefits. The app has a huge user base that ranges throughout the age spectrum. Whatever your target audience may be, it is highly likely that you will find users of that age group easily on Instagram

But people are reluctant to use the app for business growth because of a plethora of rumors surrounding the app that demotivate them from investing time, energy, and resources in Instagram marketing. From shadowban to 93% of the audience being unable to view your posts, we have heard ample misleading claims related to the social media site.

Here is a list that debunks major myths, ensuring that you can grow your brand on Instagram with utmost confidence:

Instagram shadowbans business profiles

As per this myth, your posts will be “shadow banned” in case you use the same hashtags repeatedly and/or like too many posts. Let’s address it once and for all. There is nothing called the Instagram shadowban.  It has was stated in Instagram whiteboard sessions held with reporters that no content is hidden just for the multiple uses of hashtags. As long as your posts and pictures are not offensive in any way, or not violating community guidelines, you can liberally use the app.

  • Switching to a business account impacts your engagement negatively

This myth has been around since the inception of the app itself. The rumor says that in case you try to advertise your business on the app, the page will be visible to a lesser number of people. But there is no reason for your engagement to be lowered if you switch to a business account. On the very contrary, there are several bonuses that you stand to earn by making this switch from personal to the business account. You get to access better analytics, swipe up links on your Instagram stories, and provide an auto-publish option that pops up later. Even if you witness a slight dip in engagement, you get more knowledge and features.

  • Instagram penalizes your story views

This is part of the latest batch of rumors regarding Instagram and business accounts. Several brands and profiles claim that Instagram story views have been dropping significantly, and they find the algorithm to be the prime suspect. Popular faces like Elise Dharma and Cristina Galbato have blamed Instagram stories for the downfall. When Elise reached out to her audience, 80% of them reported the same issue as well. Travel influencer Flo Boniface noticed this pattern appearing on her accounts too. This occurred without changing any strategies. But this dip may be attributed to the reduction of growth hackers who are essentially third party bots who view millions of stories just to increase their exposure. But these views are technically just ghosted views. As soon the tech team figured this out and started eliminating them. This may feel disheartening, but this ensures that all the views are legitimate and genuine.

  • Regular posting on your profile is the only way your profile will grow

Instagram is less about quantity and more about consistency. Quality makes it worth your effort, so good posts at regular intervals will work just as well. You can also use Instagram scheduling tools like ‘Later’ to schedule Instagram posts to your feed for your audience. ‘Later’ lets you drag and drop your media from your media library and start creating a schedule for Instagram posts within minutes.

  • Instagram can steal and use your photos

The myth was so huge that stars like Pink, Julia Roberts, and Usher shared it on their Instagram handle, assuming it to be true. They warned other users to beware of this “new Instagram rule,” giving them the right to use your photos in any way they want to if you permitted them to access your pictures.  This hoax began back in 2012. The ironic point is that Instagram already has those permissions in their terms and conditions that we all agree to the right when we create our profile. Instagram clarified further that the information collected is used to improve the product, run research projects, and improve the quality of ads you see in your feed.

  • Instagram deliberately shows posts only to 7% of the audience

It is one of the most off-putting rumors, especially for businesses and influencers. They feel like the whole point of creating an Instagram business page is rendered defeated. But like all the other rumors, this was also debunked by the Instagram official team. They stated that though it can be demotivating and frustrating to some pages to see the other pages reach success, it is purely coincidental and not a deliberate function.

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