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6 Interactive Technologies To Add In Your Exhibition Stand

The latest technology gadgets can make your exhibition stand attractive. There are different kinds of technology gadgets that you can easily incorporate in your exhibition stand. You can use AR/VR technology to make your exhibition stand to create an immersive experience for your booth visitors. Similarly, various other latest technology devices can increase brand awareness, improve sales, expand the customer base, etc.

Here, in this article, we are going to describe the various technologies that you should use in your exhibition stand:

1. Augmented Reality

The augmented reality is the latest invention in the field of technology. Thus, if you incorporate AR-based devices in your exhibition stand, then you can create a buzz at the trade show. By using this technology you can easily integrate the computer-generated images with the real world.

It will be an unforgettable experience for trade booth visitors. By using AR technology you can encourage the booth visitors to get more engaged with their products or services. moreover, this technology will help you to convey the advantages of using your products or services.

Similarly, you can use virtual reality gadgets in your exhibition stand to create an immersive experience. The VR & AR technology should be incorporated in your exhibition stand to create buzz.

2. Attractive Brand Videos

You can create attractive brand videos that can help to elevate the reputation of your brand. With the help of eye-catching brand videos, you can easily grab the attention of trade show attendees. But, make sure you use attractive images to prepare your brand video. In this video, you can tell about your products/service, happy customers, and the journey of your company. This will help in significantly increasing the leads for your business.

3. Use Social Media

You should be present at all the online platforms where your potential customers are already present. Therefore, social media is a perfect online platform that can help you to reach a wide base audience. With the help of social media, you can make your trade booth famous among your potential customers. It is one of the perfect ways to integrate both online and offline marketing tactics to get the best results.

The best way to create hype with the help of social media is to live stream during the show, To go live, you can use Twitter and Facebook social media platforms. This will help to be in touch with those people who are not attending the trade show. By using hashtags, you can enhance social sharing and increase brand awareness.

4. Interactive Screens

You using large size digital screen to display your brand video will help to stand out among all other competitors. If possible, then use the touch screen display so that your booth visitors can easily learn more about your brand and products.

You can place the interactive touch screen display on photo walls or floor. Make sure that these display screens are easily accessible by the booth visitors. There are various ways to use interactive screens so that you can easily increase the interaction of potential customers with your product.

5. Sensor-Based Technologies

Using different kinds of technologies will help you to be different from other exhibitors. The sensor-based technologies can create excitement and happiness among your booth visitors. For instance, when a booth visitor enters your booth, then sensors will start the welcome video, turn on certain lights, and play an audio as well.

In short, the sensor technology can help you in creating special effects inside your booth. These special effects will leave ling lasting memories among booth visitors. Moreover, these sensor-based technologies increase visitor engagement.

6. Mobile Apps

You can create your exclusive mobile application, particularly for the trade show. This mobile application will encourage the interaction of your potential customers before, during and even after the trade show.
With the help of the mobile application, you can easily convey the relevant information about your brand, products/services and do exclusive promotion.

In addition to this, you can share real-time information about your trade booth during the show with the help of this application. In short, the mobile application will help in boosting up the good experience of your potential customers. Your mobile applications help you to be in touch with your potential customers for a long time. Also, you can take feedback from your customers by using this app.

Final Words

These are some of the latest technologies that can be incorporated in the exhibition stand. There are various other latest other technology gadgets that you can use in your exhibition stand.

Every technology-related gadget will make your trade booth attractive and help to create unforgettable experiences of booth visitors. You can also take the help of renowned exhibition stand designers. They know what kind of technological gadgets are in trend.

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