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6 Proven Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6210

Error codes and technical glitches are quite common in the QuickBooks software. If you are another victim of these errors, then there is no need to worry, as we are here to solve all your QuickBooks-related issues.

The QuickBooks error code 6210 most frequently appears while working in the multi-user mode. This error also occurs when you attempt to access a company file located on a workstation that isn’t configured as a network server.

As a result, QuickBooks error code 6210 pops up, preventing you from proceeding any further.


This article contains all the necessary information you need to fix the QuickBooks error code 6210. Your reliance and implementation of a few simple methods shall make sure that the error gets ousted from your system.

What’s the QuickBooks Error Code 6210?

The major cause of the QuickBooks error code 6210 is in multi-user mode. This error occurs when you attempt to access the company file from a workstation that is not configured as the network server. You may see the QuickBooks error code 6210 0. This will prevent you from performing any further tasks. The QuickBooks Desktop Quits unexpectedly and it displays the message that the company file you’re trying to access is not available.

What Causes the QuickBooks Desktop Error 6210

There are many reasons why QuickBooks Desktop Error 6210 may occur. The following are possible causes of error 6210 when opening a company file in multi-user mode.

  • Incorrect installation of QuickBooks Desktop
  • Data file damaged by QuickBooks Company (.QBW).
  • Malware and Virus attack can cause corruption.
  • Infecting or deleting QuickBooks files may be caused by computer viruses.
  • Corruption in the Windows Registry
  • The Windows firewall could be the reason QuickBooks cannot communicate with other workstations.
  • Changes in QuickBooks-related software

Factors that instigate the QuickBooks Error Code 6210

Numerous factors can motivate the QuickBooks Desktop Error 6210 to appear. The probable causes of the error when opening the company file in multi-user mode are listed below:

  • Damage caused to the QuickBooks Company data files (.QBW).
  • Essential files damaged by some virus or malware.
  • QuickBooks installation files got corrupted.
  • Some issues with the Windows Registry.
  • An incorrect installation of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Farewell preventing QuickBooks from accessing other systems.

Viable Methods to fix the QuickBooks Error Code 6210

The various ways to fix the Error Code 6210 in QuickBooks are elaborated below. Observe them carefully and implement each of the methods in sequential order.

Method 1: In the single-user mode, rename .ND &.TLG File

  • Initially, launch the Windows File Manager by hitting the ‘Win + E’ keys together.
  • Subsequently, head to the QuickBooks installation folder.
  • Within the folder, you are required to find the company files with the ND and.TLG extensions.
  • Right-click the file(s) and hit on the ‘Rename’


  • Add ‘.old‘ to the end of the extensions in the filename.
  • Rename the ‘. NG’ file by following the same procedure as above.
  • Create a new folder on the system’s desktop after renaming it and then transfer the QuickBooks file there from the installation folder.
  • Launch QuickBooks now, and from the newly created folder, access the company file.
  • If you employ the multi-user mode and the QuickBooks Error Code 6210 still occurs, follow the subsequent methods.

Method 2: Make use of the QuickBooks File Doctor

When the data damage in the company file is the primary cause of error 6210 in QuickBooks, QuickBooks File Doctor is crucial in resolving the issue. It improves network issues and can swiftly repair or restore the damaged company file.

Method 3: Reinstall the QuickBooks software using Clean Install Tool

Various issues in the QuickBooks company file are primarily caused by broken QuickBooks Desktop functionalities. The QuickBooks Clean Install Tool assists in fixing the damaged or faulty components in QuickBooks and assists in getting rid of the error 6210. Follow the trails below:

  • In the inception, make a backup of your QuickBooks data.
  • Afterward, download the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.
  • Next, double-click the downloaded ‘QuickBooks Clean Install Utility.exe’


  • Choose your QuickBooks version after agreeing to the license agreement. Hit on ‘OK’ to proceed ahead.
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the QuickBooks software using the clean install tool. Make sure that you have your license and product keys available at the time of installing the QuickBooks software.

Method 4: Run the QuickBooks Database Server Manager

  • Hit the ‘Win + R’ keys to launch the ‘Run’ Window. Follow it up by typing’ msc’ into the Run window.
  • Next, choose the QuickBooks Database Server Manager service from the list.


  • Right-click the service now and hit on ‘Restart.’
  • At this point, try to access the QuickBooks file once more after the services have restarted.
  • If this method doesn’t fix the error 6210 in the multi-user mode, proceed to the following method.

Method 5: Disable the Antivirus

The QuickBooks software can experience intricacies as a result of third-party security programs, which prevent it from operating seamlessly. Additionally, they may pose a risk to your company files, resulting in a partial or whole loss of financial data.

When accessing the QuickBooks files, error code 6210 causes incite the Antivirus to characterize the QuickBooks software as defective, thereby preventing the effective operation of the QuickBooks-related tools. Therefore, it is preferable to turn off your antivirus software while using the QuickBooks software or while using the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

Method 6: Restore the QuickBooks Backup File

It is recommended that you restore the Backup of your company file to replace the erroneous file with the error-free backup file. Restoring the backup file is quite easy and requires you to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Make an exit from the QuickBooks Desktop software.
  • Next, hold down the ‘ctrl’ key till the ‘No Company Window’ shows up on display.
  • Afterward, choose the ‘Open or restore an existing company’


  • Subsequently, hit on ‘restore a backup copy,’ followed by hitting on ‘Next.’
  • Finally, restore the most recent backup by following the instructions displayed on-screen.

Method 7: Terminate all the running processes associated with QuickBooks software

The actions listed below should be followed to complete this procedure:

  • The first step requires you to log in to the system using the Administrator login credentials.
  • Afterward, launch the task manager by hitting the ‘Ctrl + Shift + Delete’ keys, followed by choosing the ‘Open task manager’
  • Follow it up by hitting on the ‘Users’
  • You are required to select the following processes: exe, QBW32.EXE, and QBDBMgr.exe
  • Subsequently, hit on ‘End Task’ after choosing each of the aforementioned processes.
  • Now, launch QuickBooks in the multi-user mode and check to see if the QuickBooks error code 6210

Method 8: Copy your QuickBooks Company Files to the Desktop

  • Initially, you are required to create a new folder. For this, right-click on the desktop and hit on ‘New,’ followed by opting for ‘Folder.’
  • After that, copy the company file from its present location by choosing it and hitting the ‘ctrl + C’
  • Afterward, head to the newly created folder and hit on the ‘ctrl + V‘ keys to paste the file into this folder.
  • After pasting, hold down the ‘ctrl’ key until the ‘No Company Open’ window appears.
  • Next, choose the option to ‘Open or Restore an existing company.’
  • Choose the ‘Open a Company file’ option and then hit on ‘Next.’
  • Navigate to the desktop file where you saved the company file. Choose the file and hit on ‘Open.’
  • Check if the Error 6210 got rectified.

We are hopeful that the several methods for fixing the QuickBooks Error Code 6210 entailed in this article helped you get rid of the issue. If there is an instance wherein you faced any difficulty in understanding any step or faced any related error, you may call our QuickBooks desktop support experts through the helpline or the Live chat option.

We are available 24/7. So, without wasting any further seconds, reach out to us through a phone call 1-800-761-1787.

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