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6 Ways to Prevent Developing Life-Threatening Chronic Diseases

According to the WHO, chronic diseases are the leading cause of untimely death and disability. It affects individuals with different diseases like heart attack, kidney failure, diabetes, cancer, etc. The major reasons behind these diseases are–unhealthy lifestyles.

In opposition to this, ensuring a healthy lifestyle can reverse the impact of chronic diseases. Yes, diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol are reversible by adopting healthy habits.

Thus, understanding chronic diseases and preventing them early is critical to ensuring a lifestyle free from major health concerns.

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Keep your health in check! Do you have a chronic disease?

This article will help you know about chronic diseases and how to prevent developing one. Let’s first understand what chronic diseases are.

Chronic Diseases: Diseases with extended life-threatening prognoses

Chronic diseases are conditions that stay longer than a year. Individuals suffering from chronic diseases require a continuous medical examination.

Chronic diseases weaken the physique, and the individual shares risks of catching any disease like COVID-19. The diseases like heart attack, cancer, and diabetes can cause disability later.

As per the experts, “a healthy lifestyle improves the life expectancy, reduces chronic diseases effects like diabetes, heart attack, and cancer.” In precise, following a healthy lifestyle can decrease the impact of these diseases on the quality of life.

What Are Some Major Causes Behind Chronic Diseases?

The modern world stands as a major competitor for a healthy lifestyle. A person’s mental state and income level affect their lifestyle. Here are the primary reasons individuals have chronic diseases as per the Government of the UK statistics:

  • High body mass index (Obesity)
  • Smoking
  • Unstable diet
  • Child malnutrition
  • High systolic blood pressure
  • Tobacco consumption (a major cause of death in adults)

Obesity and tobacco consumption is the leading cause of death in England. Obesity is the primary reason of diseases like heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and stroke.

So, what are you waiting for? Adopt a healthy lifestyle and eliminate every obstacle to a healthy body and a mind. Here is how you can do so:

Tested Ways to Prevent Developing Chronic Diseases

Prevention is better than a cure.

For ensuring a happy life free from health issues, stick to a healthy diet plan and habits. Here is how you can do so:

1)      Eat plant-based foods

Consuming the least processed plant-based food help reduce the risk of developing serious chronic diseases like heart issues, cancer, or diabetes. Processed foods increase overall weight and thus reduce the intensity of breaking fats quickly in the body.

This fat eventually leads to cholesterol, which is much more life-threatening. Plant-based foods are glutton-free and ensure a healthy body and mind preventing obesity and cholesterol. Some of the major examples of plant-based food are- Legumes, whole grain fish, nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

2)      Reduce smoking hours 

Because of smoking, COPD develops as a serious issue. It is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease. It is a leading factor in developing heart attacks and stroke. You can recover from this habit by reducing the number of smoking hours. The diet is in vain if you are a heavy smoker. It prevents the body from recovering and making space for fresh nutrients.

How to quit smoking?

You can quit smoking if you do so. Here are certain things that can help:

  • List out reasons to quit smoking (You will find many)
  • Inform your family and friends about your decision to quit smoking
  • List your smoking triggers and identify how to dominate these
  • Keep yourself engaged and put that cigarette pack beyond your reach
  • Get a counsellor or consult a doctor for potential treatments for quitting smoking
  • Manage stress by practising exercises or by getting creative at something you love
  • Reward yourself for making even a minor progress

These are some efforts that you can make to quit smoking altogether. However, it may take time, but you can surely get through this.

3)      Exercise regularly

A sedentary lifestyle is a primary cause of multiple health problems. It includes heart attack and diabetes type 2.

The risk increases in people with desk jobs and sitting in one position all day long. Thus, exercise is a critical part of avoiding these diseases.

Ensure proper movement and stretching throughout the day. Take minor breaks and walk. Exercise helps evade stress and gives you a fresh mind to help you perform the tasks with ease. It improves efficiency at work and other tasks.

You can get ahead of the game by installing a treadmill desk in your work-from-home office setup. It will help you sprint up throughout the day and help you keep your body healthy and free from potential health risks.

4)      Maintaining healthy body weight and mass index

Consuming unhealthy food triggers body weight and mass index. Experts recommend a body mass index of 25 or less. Calculate your BMI. It will help gauge how much fat you need to reduce to gain a perfect body.

 It estimates the percentage of fat in the body undertaking primary parameters like health and weight. A healthy BMI range from 18.5-to 25. Underweight people with a BMI below 18 are a concern. Opposed to this, people with 30 and above BMI are obese and stand a higher risk of having chronic diseases in the future.

Gauging out the right BMI index becomes complicated for athletes. Thus, they need to consult an expert to ensure the perfect one.

5)      Ensure a sound sleep

Sleep deprivation is dangerous for health. It is critical to ensure good sleeping hours for carrying out every task with great concentration. Else, one feels lethargic and drowsy throughout the day. It affects productivity to a great extent.

When one develops a sleep deprivation cycle, the body cannot produce antibodies in the body. It affects the body’s immunity, and thus, an individual becomes prone to multiple communicable diseases.

According to a source, over 4 hours of screen time can sincerely disturb the complete sleeping pattern of an individual. It disbalance the lifestyle. Thus, avoid using technical gadgets an hour before sleeping. Instead, read books.

Sleep deprivation may be due to stress owing to multiple events happening in one’s life, like-

  • Taking loans for the unemployedto meet an immediate requirement and searching for a job.
  • Stressing over performing the best in the next extensive project
  • Stressing ahead of a life-changing event

Sleep deprivation not only affects your routine activities but your mood, too. Thus, counter it with the right steps in the situation.

6)      Reduce alcohol consumption

Consuming alcohol without keeping track does more harm than good for your health.  It has a long-term adverse effect on your body. You will not believe that drinking excessively leads to developing heart disease, liver disease, blood pressure, and digestive issues.

 In this situation, one can never live the quality of life one wants to. By eliminating or reducing alcohol consumption drastically, you can add more years to your life and ensure healthy living.

Bottom line

There is no one silver bullet to keep your body free from diseases. Every action affects your health positively or negatively. Always remain health-conscious and prevent developing long-term diseases like cancer or cardiovascular diseases. Do not adopt someone else’s lifestyle to remain healthy. Every individual has different nutritional requirements according to their physique. Consult an expert to adopt the right one.

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