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7 Best Ideas to Eliminate Chin Fat

You don’t have to be embarrassed about the extra layer of fat that builds up underneath your chin. A double chin can be eliminated using various ways, particularly if you understand what causes it. Most people relate the fat deposit below your chin to weight gain, but it’s a misconception. At some point, our skin will lose elasticity from aging. Constant losing or gaining weight also causes your chin area to stretch. And not to forget hereditary factors – if some of your family have a double chin, you’re likely to have one. Luckily, Kybella Los Angeles offer some ways you can use to eliminate the unwanted fat deposit beneath your chin. Read on as we explore how you can achieve a defined jawline.

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1. Home Exercises

Face Yoga: Chin exercises can work magic to prevent double chin forming in the first place. Keep your chin area firm with this technique, as it involves exercising and the massage that stimulates the muscles and your lymphatic system. In addition, the method can relax and soften your facial muscles to ease stress and tension. Chin press-up routine can work well for home exercise. You can perform them consistently in the morning and evening daily. 

Constant practice can reduce your double chin. Put your face on a straight level without lifting your chin, move your lower jaw forward and repeat the exercise ten times.

Neck Stretching: Have you heard of Lord Brahma’s pose? Well, this is not a photo pose, but yoga poses that are excellent in toning your neck muscles. You’ll need to sit comfortably as you slowly turn your neck to the right, then hold your posture.

Turn your neck to the right side and hold. Then, again, come back to the neutral mode and look in the upward direction. Now, return to the central position and put your eyes down as if you’re trying to touch your upper chest with your chin. Was that tough? I didn’t think so. Keep repeating this exercise 5-10 times daily.

Ball exercise: You can either sit or stand in a comfortable

position. Get a small ball that you can squeeze and place under your chin.

Start pressing the ball with your chin slowly and repeat this up to 15-20 times.

Fish-face: As the name depicts, in this exercise, you’ll make a fish-face. And that’s said, draw air in your cheeks and lips so you can look like a fish. You’ll then hold this position for 5-10 seconds. Good job. Now, you can relax and keep repeating this as many times as possible.



2. Improve Your Overall Diet

A healthy diet can help you lose weight, mainly if the layer of excess fat came from gaining more weight. Include whole foods in your diet, as refined carbohydrates and processed foods contain more calories, sugar, and salt. You can also have; lean proteins, adequate daily intakes of vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats. Remember to practice controlling your daily portions and combine this with regular exercises to help you lose unwanted fat in your face.



3. Kybella Injection

After you’ve tried diet and exercise but still notice layers of fat below your chin area, consider Kybella injection for your double chin. This non-surgical procedure works excellent if you have mild to moderate submental fat. It’s the only FDA-approved treatment for the excess fat underneath your chin. Kybella Los Angeles medical professionals advise that the treatment involves delivering tiny amounts of fat-dissolving compound (deoxycholic acid) through a sequence of injections.

The procedure may take twenty minutes per treatment and approximately 20 to 30 tiny injections or more for each treatment. The doctor says you may require three to six maintenance treatments for ideal results, but you should wait for at least one month between treatments. Also, ensure that only Kybella Los Angeles experienced plastic surgery should administer this procedure to prevent severe nerve damage.

While the procedure, your doctor will mark the treatment area with dots before performing multiple injections. The injected drug will help your body absorb unwanted fats without entering the bloodstream. As a result, you may experience little to no downtime, and within a couple of weeks, you’ll start to notice some improvement. 



4. CoolMini Treatment 

Another excellent procedure to eliminate the extra fat beneath your chin area; it’s a non-invasive and FDA-approved procedure that freezes your excess fat below your neck area. Kybella Los Angeles medical specialist will administer CoolMini using an applicator on the treatment area. When your doctor begins the treatment, you’ll feel a cold sensation during the treatment but disappears shortly. During your therapy, you can either read a book or do some work on your computer. 

You’ll not experience any downtime, meaning you can go back to your daily activities at once. The results will start to show in one to three months. With the CoolMini procedure, you’ll hardly require additional treatment. And the destroyed cells will not return once treated, eliminating twenty to twenty-five percent of fat cells. 



5. VelaShape III

The procedure works by combining infrared light energy, bi-polar radio-frequency, and the mechanical massage that improves flabby skin around your chin area. The treatment works best for people with a significant amount of fat. It works by reaching the targeted temperature in your skin and triggers fibroblast to stimulate new collagen development. It also boosts your lymphatic drainage, decreasing the fat chambers and fat cell size.

Kybella Los Angeles medical professional says, dissimilar to surgical techniques. For example, you’ll not experience downtime or a recovery period, and you can return to work immediately after your treatment without a single scar. In addition, Velashape III does not involve any surgical incisions, making it safe on any skin type.



6. Micro Liposuction

Kybella Los Angeles specialist, makes a tiny incision in your chin to suction the unwanted fat using a small device known as a cannula. This method takes around forty-five minutes, the result can show instantly, and it’s permanent. It’s performed in your doctor’s office under local anesthesia. First, however, the doctor advises a lifestyle change to ensure that you maintain an ideal weight. 

The Micro Liposuction technique has minimal downtime, most people can resume activities within forty-eight hours, but others need one week to recover completely. This procedure can give quick and quality results, and it’s considered safe, making it one of the best treatments for reducing the excess fat underneath your chin.



7. Ultherapy

Another FDA-approved treatment that can get rid of your submental fat to contour your jawline. It can lift and tighten your skin in the neck area Kybella Los Angeles medical specialist uses this ultrasound-based technique which involves heating the deep layer of skin. Your specialist will apply the gel to the treatment area, then move around an ultrasound wand over that area. This method stimulates your underlying tissues to produce collagen. It gives your skin suppleness, resulting in a tighter and sleeker jawline. 

Every treatment takes about half an hour, and several doctors recommend several treatments for optimal results. Depending on how your body responds, you might experience tenderness and mild swelling, but it will last for a few hours following your treatment, then go away. However, the effects will be visible in approximately three months.

 In Conclusion, as you consider the suitable treatment for getting rid of your double chin, remember Kybella Los Angeles professionals can guide you. They understand that the excess fat below your chin can be troublesome, but you don’t need to disguise your neck anymore. Instead, they offer individualized treatment that suits your unique type of turtleneck. In addition, most procedures available can dramatically change the shape of your face permanently, giving you self-confidence.

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