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7 Questions You Need to Ask Before Buying HRMS Software

Using an HRMS software helps organizations streamline their HR process and reduces the unnecessary burdens on their human resource management team. When you have finally decided that you need to get one as well, choosing the right one is the next step.

Before jumping into the process, you need to ask some important questions while you compare different software in the market.

What are the necessary features you are looking for?

When you are out in the market, you’ll come across multiple softwares with different features. You’ll have to decide what features are necessary for your business. For example, if your company needs to source candidates, you should look for software that offers extensive recruitment management software.

What benefits do they offer?

When comparing all the HRMS software on the market, you should look for one that offers unique benefits for your business needs. You should start by looking at reviews on different websites. Find out what previous customers are saying about the product. Which feature did people like the most in the software? Product listing and reviews sites are the best repositories to watch out for. Compare all the pros and cons of all the softwares being offered and you should be able to figure out which one caters most to your business priorities.

Which software comes under your budget?

Since every software out there offers a different set of features, it’s important to understand what is necessary for your needs and meets your requirement. Plan a budget for buying HR software for your business, and then compare all the candidates in the market. 

As you’ll start searching for a suitable software for your business, you’ll come to understand that there’s an option for every price range. The goal here should be to get a tool that offers the best benefits for the amount of money you are spending on it.

How will you implement the software?

This might not look that important to you now, but the amount of time and ease to set up the software are necessary factors that you need to consider. A software that can be implemented without too much hassle can save a lot of money and time for your business.

The key point to focus here is data migration, since every business that’s upgrading to an HRMS software needs their already accumulated data to be moved across to the new platform. You should ask the vendor if there are any additional costs for implementing this process before you purchase the software.

What kind of reports will you get?

One of the main reasons you should be buying HR software is to automate most of the parts of HR processes to improve the quality while reducing the burden and time it takes to carry out these processes. Keeping this in mind, you have to look for a tool that offers detailed reporting functionality. 

With proper reports, for example, you can analyze how well your recruitment process is performing. This can help you streamline the process by identifying areas where improvement is required.

How good is their customer support?

Every software needs high-quality customer support to become efficient. There is no point in having an HR software with loads of features with virtually no support. If in the future, you run into issues with the software, you need their customer support to help resolve the issues without taking too much time and resources. Have a conversation with their support prior to purchasing their software, so you can understand how well they respond to your queries.

Will it support your business’ growth?

With time your business will grow, so will your requirements and needs. It’s important to assess whether the software you are purchasing, will grow with your business or not. Choosing an HR software that can scale with your growth will save a lot of money, resources, and time in the future.


Finding the right software for your business is not that difficult if you know what questions to ask. Apart from all the basic features, make sure you are opting for a software that has an HR analytics tool. Don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions from the vendor, request for demos if available, make sure there are no hidden charges. Take time to finalize the right software since this is a big investment for the growth of your company.
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