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7 Tricks to Bring More Reliable and Innovative Cigarette Boxes

Bringing in innovation and creativity in cigarette boxes is very important since it has to say a lot about the company. This can be done with some easy tips.

As the world progresses and changes begin to appear in the way of running a business, it has become a necessity to have extremely creative and distinguished packaging for your products. The tobacco industry has not been able to adapt to these changes as the packaging used there is still a thing from the past, and not many changes have been brought into it. Mentioned below are some easy tips and tricks to improve the looks of cigarette packaging.

Using Kraft Paper Boxes

Conventionally, these packs are made out of paperboard or cardboard. These are lighter materials, and the smoke’s vulnerability is higher in this scenario since if they get wet, it is highly probable that the contents inside can be damaged. Moreover, the look which they provide is very cheap and as of lower quality. The first step towards adding reliability and durability to the pack is using different materials. Kraft can be one of the stronger contestants to the traditional materials. Not only is this sturdier and stronger than regular paperboard, but it also adds to the packet’s aesthetics. This change will be an extremely creative and out-of-the-box move, and it is highly probable that customers will prefer them.

Window Styled Boxes

Like the material, the packet’s style and design have been stagnant for a very long time. Rectangular boxes which flip open are being used for the past couple of decades, adding any change to it is going to be very useful for making them highly innovative.  One such changed style is window boxes.

These are packets with a clear opening in them for customers to see how many cigarettes are in the box. This is a wise marketing tactic and is effective for display. This style is unique and is likely to increase a company’s market share and give it an edge over the competitors.

Using Different Colors

Traditionally cigarette boxes have been made in just a few colors. Red and white being the dominant ones. This color scheme that virtually all companies use makes it hard to distinguish between one brand and another. This calls for the usage of different and attractive shades. Shimmering colors like yellow, silver, and orange should also be used.

Different Packages for Different Audiences

Using custom cigarette boxes is one simple way to attain success in the marketing perspective. Different packets for different markets are one customization tactic that can be used for fulfilling this goal. The smoking market has expanded a lot, as over 1 billion people are addicted to this drug.

One interesting technique that can be used is making changes to the designs according to the target audience. For instance, female smokers can be given special packets that have a feminine touch to them. These variations can be made in the form of colors, outlook as well as designs.

Making Packets Reusable

Cigarette packaging is usually thrown away once it gets empty. This adds to land pollution, which is already very high in some countries. This nature of the boxes is often under criticism by environmental protectionists. One way of innovating this is by making them in a way that they can be recycled, i.e., used for other purposes once their primary utility is taken. One easy and smooth way of doing this is by adding windows to it to be used as small-sized plant pots. Small flowers can be placed in them as the window packaging design allows.

Using Rigid Packaging

Rigid packaging is often harder and stronger than regular packing. It is made out of harder fiberboard and looks more premium than normal packaging.

Using this type is not just beneficial in terms of looks and is a creative move, but also improves its strength. Thus, enhancing the endurance and durability factor of the box.

Using Different Seals

Seals are although one minor part of the whole box, but even then, adding a bit of customization to it can be important. Using pins instead of regular adhesive like tapes could be a better option. Like others, this customization option not only allows better protection but also looks better and is a creative option.

Adding innovation and creativity to packaging is very important. These tactics, along with others, are going to be immensely beneficial for your box as it is not only enduring but also looks great.

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