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7 Ways To better Engagement On Your Instagram Stories

Offer content worth saving via a screenshot

Do you want your subscribers to spend more time consuming your Instagram Stories? Because the Instagram algorithm takes into account user interactions in Stories, Community Managers need to think of strategies to better capture the attention of Internet users.

Buy Instagram likes UK  will explain throughout this article the different methods available to you to significantly increase engagement on your Instagram Stories.

1) Offer content worth saving via a screenshot

This is a relatively simple trick to apply now: design slides of Stories on which you give useful advice to keep on your smartphone.

It can be for example a list or a tutorial to achieve a specific objective, about your sector of activity.

Here is an example below:

2) Add a call to action to go to the next slide

Very often, you will want to send a message to your subscribers requiring more than just one content within your overall Story. And you are aware that some users can quickly switch to the Story of the next account by simply swiping the screen to the left, which appears in your Stories statistics.

So, to inform your subscribers of the succession of content on the same subject, you could use the following method: add a message of the call to action to encourage viewers to move to the next slide.

This is for example the case below:

We will note on this occasion that the slide on the right above corresponds to the first advice given in this article.

You might be like, “The next story will automatically load after 15 seconds, so what’s the use of this?” ” Keep in mind that consuming Stories is a passive experience, it is therefore, necessary to involve your spectator subscribers as much as possible.

This will:

  • give people viewing the content some form of control
  • to pass them from a passive state to active
  • pique their curiosity
  • increase the chances of having a click rather than a swipe

3) Create “round trip” conversations with your subscribers

The Questions sticker allows Instagram account holders to be able to seek the opinion of their audience or to organize question/answer sessions. It is then possible to learn more about the needs/desires of your subscribers, concerning your products/services, but also to interact on lighter subjects.

The company My Protein France identified within a Story on the front page of frequent questions asked by its subscribers, with its answers:

4) Encourage your subscribers to contact you in a private message

When your subscribers contact you in a private message, this is a very interesting opportunity to build a relationship with them. There are two great ways to use Instagram Stories to entice them to do this:

  • conduct a survey
  • communicate a download link for an e-book or other content

In the example below, the brand asks its community if it appreciates the ring presented:

5) Increase the time spent on content by encouraging to pause the Story

As you probably know, it is possible to stop the stopwatch of an Instagram Story slide, simply by keeping your finger pressed on the screen.

In what cases can it be relevant to encourage Internet users to spend more time-consuming content?

For example, you could offer long text to read, provided that it adds value to readers or ask them to find a hidden object somewhere on your visual.

Here is an example below:

6) Offer models ready to be personalized by your subscribers

To get Instagram followers involved in a fun and original way, you could put online stories that they can customize.

This is the case, for example, of the cosmetics brand below, regularly offering “Survey” type models that internet users can then check with the functionality for creating a Story:

7) Submit surveys with clear-cut answers

Instagram users generally respond fairly frequently to surveys offering yes / no answers, but these are not necessarily the ones they will remember in the future. It can be interesting to be more radical in writing the choices, to create a slightly more memorable experience for your subscribers.

This is the case for example for the DIY company below, which encourages its subscribers to communicate information related to their daily lives, then provides product proposals related to each response.


Building and maintaining the relationship of trust between your subscribers and your brand is a path paved with daily micro-commitments.

The more your prospects see and interact with your content, the more likely they are to become customers.

With the 7 methods seen in this article, you now have good ideas for standing out from a passive experience to an active experience of the consumption of your content by subscribers.
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