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How To Know The Wind Direction Of A Specific Region?

Do you want to know the direction of your specific region from your home? Then you have many ways to measure the wind easily. Yes, knowing the wind direction can be necessary in several situations. For instance, when you are traveling, flying a kite, and deciding the area to place a windmill, the direction of the wind will be the most important part of information. Fortunately, there are many ways to measure wind direction. Yes, without any device you can identify the wind by the feel of it, watch as that moves a water body, or use specific equipment to recognize the wind direction.

First way to know the wind direction is by feeling the wind. To feel make sure to close the eyes. You get the sense of air that touches your body with hot or cool depending on the weather you have. Here closing the eyes prevents the visual information that comes to the brain and enables you to concentrate fully on the other senses. This is the method you have the chance to know the wind by focusing on the feeling that touches your skin.

By watching the body of the water in a dark pool know how the waves flow across the water. These waves are formed through the wind that pushes the water then break the surface. The waves will flow into specific directions from the wind. With that you can know the direction of the wind by observing the water waves that come from. This method can be done at home by taking water in the bucket to observe direction of the wind in this way.

Utilizing Some Of The Homemade Wind Devices:

Tie tassels or thread to one of an object. Possibly the simplest of any wind monitoring tools is a tassel and piece of rope. Tie a most lightweight tassel or string to one of an object then let it in the air by hanging it. When wind blows, that tassel or string will blow to a specific side according to the wind that comes. The wind continues blowing in a specific direction. In this way you can identify with the help of home things easily. 

You can prepare devices, like an anemometer tool to estimate wind direction. It is simple to make which is called homemade devices, and multiple precision tools. Both ways, the anemometer spins the wind, showing both the sides and depth of direction of the wind.

Also, you can know the wind direction by catching the light and observing the flame that comes from. But, don’t try this method when there is an extreme breezy or windy day, because there is a chance to cause the danger by sparking the light to the objects. 

All these can be tried when you want to wind direction today when it is not possible to see in the TV or anymore else. People will be planning their trip whenever they want to enjoy the climate but sometimes after they reach the spot that they want to enjoy there will be windy and in that situation there may be more air that keeps people from going back to their homes. With the help of the wind direction and the waves that come with the air and water they can identify the weather that will be in the next stage.

So, with that they will be taking precautions or else they stay at the safe place till that windy waves goes on. Make sure to suggest your friends as well as family members about these methods to try when they want to know the directions of the wind. 
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