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8 Fashion Tips That Will Completely Change Your Life

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Want to know some fashion tips to change your life? Continue reading below though to learn more about eight fashion tips and tricks that will change your life in the fashion game. You may see images of celebrities or even images of other people you know on your social media pages, not even knowing where to start with your outfit. These people look so put together, and you are struggling every day. The online world is full of resources, including this article. Start here and find out how to build a perfect wardrobe and start feeling confident in your fashion game. 

1. Show the Right Proportions

Balancing the right proportions is all about making sure to style your outfits. It’s also important that your clothes create an overall aesthetically pleasing look. One way you achieve this look is by wearing clothes that are perfectly fitted to your body size and shape. When you want to experiment with oversized clothes or fun and creative shapes, make it a statement look. You can do this by making sure the rest of the look is still tight and fitted. An example of this is to try pairing a tight shirt, maybe even a crop top, with a wide-leg jean or flair pants. Also an oversized, off-the-shoulder top with leggings or skinny jeans. When you buy your outfits, you want to make sure to try and show off the things about your body that you love. If you have a wider waist, for instance, consider a loose-fitting top and skinny-fitting bottoms. The opposite is true though if you have wider legs and a wider hip. Try to distract others from noticing the bad parts of your body as well by wearing forgettable pieces over the negative areas and something bold in the area you want to highlight.

2. Fashion Tips: Keep Trends Age-Appropriate

Trends are not just for young people, and you can actually make any trend age-appropriate. If you are older, and not comfortable showing off your skin in a crop top, for instance, consider wearing that crop top with a high-waisted pair of jeans. Do not make yourself look younger than you actually are though, as this is when things will start to get tacky. You want to look appropriate while maintaining a sense of style. Don’t be afraid to have fun with fashion as you get older. Don’t ever feel like fashion trends are only for young men and women. Fashion is for anyone, and you can join in on any trend you want at any age. Just make sure you are comfortable with your choices in fashion and are not putting out an image of yourself that would embarrass you. 

3. Fashion Tips :Choose a Good Bra

If you are a woman, you want to choose a bra that fits you well and that works for your needs. A bra that fits like it is supposed to will actually make you look slimmer which will make you feel better about yourself. You want the middle section of the front of your bra to lay flat against you and the front to remain smooth and free of wrinkles to know that you have found the best fit. This may seem like a minuscule detail to worry about, but it isn’t. A well-fitting bra can really make or break an outfit. It is very important to have your body looking it’s best. This is so that your outfit will look its best on your body. 

4. Fashion Tips: Do Not Match Everything

You may have a preconceived notion that your outfit pieces must match in color, style, texture, or print. This is not the case. It can actually be more fun and more fashionable if your outfit pieces do not match perfectly, or are starkly contrasting. When you are wearing an outfit that has at least two pieces, do not try to match those two pieces perfectly. Use the color wheel to wear two separate colors if you want to that are complementary to one another but that are not necessarily the same. This even includes when you are wearing an accessory with a certain outfit. Do not be afraid to play with matching two different patterns in one outfit either.

5. Play with Accessories

Take some time to experiment with accessories and determine how you can wear them in a way that will accentuate your outfit and your aesthetic. If you want a classic piece, aim for gold jewelry or jewelry made with lab created diamonds. If you want something more bold and fun, consider more bohemian accessories or bright and playful accessories like belts or hats. You can truly do anything that you want to when you have the right accessory in play.

6. Purchase All the Staples You Can

Your wardrobe needs to be full of staples instead of unique pieces that are only available for one specific outfit. Purchase a few button-down shirts that you can use for business or professional outfits, then have white t-shirts for layering or to wear alone. Have a nice pair of jeans, a good pair of dress pants, and even a nice sweater in your closet as well. Consider a classic piece like a blazer and a nice pair of dress shoes to finish the outfit off.

7. Keep to Your Style

No matter the type of outfit you are wearing, you should always stick to your style so that you always feel the most authentically you. This will help you feel much more confident when you encounter others as well, which can also take your fashion to the next level. If you do not know your style yet, look at certain pieces of clothing that you gravitate towards or for certain images on social media that particularly interest you. Research fashion online and try to flesh out your ideal wardrobe before spending money on too many pieces you may come to no longer like in the future. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your looks and the statement pieces you purchase. 

8. Fashion Tips: Try Glasses

Even if you don’t need glasses to see or correct your vision, eyeglasses can be a great accessory to add to an outfit and complete it. There are plenty of styles of glasses you could try, such as aviator glasses, transparent glasses or beige-colored glasses. There are also black glasses with a rectangular frame, tortoiseshell glasses, and round frame glasses. Each glasses frame, color, and style can completely make or break your outfit. Round glasses can give off a fun, Harry Potter-type look to bring out your magic side. Transparent glasses frames are a subtle way to add just a touch of flair to your face without being too overbearing. While aviator glasses are usually thought to be mostly a male-only style, many women can rock aviator glasses too. They can give you an adventurous and spontaneous look.

If you struggle with fashion, the eight fashion tips above can change your life. You will feel more confident and will feel as if the world is yours for the taking. Start following these today by wearing clothes that compliment you and your specific style. Always remember, the most important aspect of fashion is that you’re having fun!
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