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9 Best JavaScript Lightbox Libraries of 2020

Lightbox is a library provided by JavaScript that displays videos and images by filling the screen, and it dims the rest of the web page. Lightbox is one of the best ways to overlay images on the web. It brings all the focus on the image only. But sometimes browsers are unable to download the images properly, which can disrupt your viewing experience. That’s why you might need to have either of the responsive lightbox libraries from the list mentioned below.


It is an independent JavaScript gallery that supports all the basic touch gestures, such as spread to zoom the image, pinch to close gallery, horizontal swipe to switch items, etc. You can customize your actions for tap and double-tap gestures. It manipulates the browsing history so that the users can link every gallery item and close the gallery using the ‘Back’ button. It also creates illusions for faster downloading. This app includes many advanced features, like smart loading indicator, zoom animation, responsive image support, smart lazy-loading, and more.


It is a powerful and smooth lightbox plugin that provides six retina-ready skin and supports swipe events, YouTube and video integration for HTML5 videos, and a powerful JavaScript API. It has jQuery capabilities and smart content recognizers. This responsive plugin can power your HTML and WordPress websites. It offers lifetime free support and updates as well. iLightBox supports multiple browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, iOS 4+, IE7+, IE10, and Android smartphones. It also supports various social media sites along with Delicious, Digg, Reddit, etc.

Magnetic Popup

This is another responsive lightbox and dialogue script app that does not require you to define the size of the content. Its progressive loading displays the images before they are completely loaded. It is supported by a High-DPI Retina display, and the controls are made with pure CSS without the help of external graphics. You get full control of the display in the popup. It has an extendable micro templating engine that reuses the existing DOM elements. It supports Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, IE8+ desktop along with Android 2.3+ and iOS 5+ smartphones.


This lightbox plugin is available on desktop, mobile, and tablet. It offers swipe gestures for mobile users and keyboard navigation for desktop users. It also provides CSS transitions with jQuery fallback. This app uses Retina support for UI icons and enables you to customize CSS. Apart from images, you can use it for YouTube and Vimeo videos as well. It is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, IE9+, iOS 4+, Android, and Windows mobile phones.


It is a lightweight jQuery lightbox that supports images, iframes, and ajax out-of-the-box and can adapt quickly to meet your requirements. It supports browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE8+, and Safari. You can also develop your extension for this plugin without any trouble. The custom styles allow you to reset all CSS and override the styling of FeatherLight.


StripJS is an unobtrusive, yet responsive lightbox that covers the page partially, so that it could leave room to interact with the pages on more substantial screens while giving the classic lightbox experience to its mobile users. It supports all the major browsers, and its strip uses jQuery. Along with images, it also supports YouTube and Vimeo videos.

Nivo Lightbox

It is a robust jQuery lightbox plugin that automatically detects your content type and displays them in a responsive modal window along with animations. It supports HTML elements, iframe, ajax, gallery, YouTube, and Vimeo videos. Nivo Lightbox offers CSS3 transition animations. You can customize it according to your needs through CSS and JavaScript. It also allows you to insert resources with a link on your page, and you can also display your images in the lightbox gallery. It also supports various browsers, including IE9+ and Opera.


This image lightbox plugin was inspired by a medium that opens your images seamlessly without any interruption, regardless of the circumstances like image with absolute position, images that have border and padding, floating images, and more. It again supports Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, and IE9+ browsers and is dependent on jQuery.

Bootstrap Lightbox

It is a module designed for Bootstrap’s Modal plugin, and it supports images, galleries, and YouTube videos. You can make your workflow faster and simple using the GitHub packages and built-in CI/CD. Its software is well secured. It automatically updates the vulnerabilities and monitors your project dependency. It supports Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, and IE8+ browsers only.

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