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A Comprehensive Guide on Mobile App Development for Businesses

Mobile app development is growing rapidly. Entrepreneurs and businesses have a golden opportunity to invest in a mobile application in this constantly changing digital landscape.

Statista reports that mobile users downloaded 27.8 billion apps via Google Play in the third quarter of 2021. The Apple App Store had 8.3 billion downloads, whereas there were approximately 27.8 billion apps downloaded from Google Play. These numbers reflect the incredible popularity and growth in the mobile app market.

This guide will cover all aspects of mobile app development, including the benefits for entrepreneurs and business owners as well as the different types of mobile app development strategies.

Let’s get on with it!

What is mobile app development?

The process of creating mobile apps for smartphones is called mobile app development. These apps can be downloaded from a store or downloaded directly from the internet. A mobile app typically uses a network connection in order to access remote computing resources. App development is:

  • Building installable software bundles
  • Implementing backend services like data access using an API
  • Test the app on target devices

You must consider screen size, hardware requirements and other factors when developing mobile apps that are robust and scalable.

Why create an app?

Every business, whether it is a startup or established, needs mobile apps. It is a must-have for every business owner. Here are some ways that mobile app development benefits businesses:

Customers will appreciate you more

The business landscape has drastically changed over the last few years. Technology is now an integral part of how businesses interact with customers.

Modern tech is changing the way consumers shop and meet their needs. Mobile apps are an integral part of modern tech. Consumer expectations are growing with the rapid technological advances. These expectations can be met through mobile apps.

Mobile apps are a great way to expand your business, such as retail. You can make your products and services more easily accessible by switching to mobile apps.

Appinventiv developed an ERP application that provided real-time information about product availability to customers. It also collected customer data for marketing purposes. Our efforts resulted in a solution that is now being adopted by more than 7 IKEA stores. The solution is also cited by the brand as one of its biggest sources of ROI measurement.

Apps allow customers to access the convenience and personalization that they desire in modern consumer behaviour.

Create a stronger brand

Your customers will be more interested in your brand if you provide more value to them. Without deliberate branding, however, it is impossible to create a brand experience that is truly authentic. Branded mobile apps are the answer.

Mobile apps have become an integral part of our daily lives. This channel can be used by app owners to benefit their brand. Your brand’s marketing efforts will be more effective if you include branding elements in your app. This app can also be used to collect data that will help you better understand your target audience and improve your brand marketing strategy.

Increase customer engagement

Focusing on customer engagement is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness and revenue generation. You will see an increase in customer engagement and customer lifetime value if you can successfully increase the frequency with which your customers interact with your brand. App owners who want to improve engagement levels should include certain features within their app.

Segmented targeting is perhaps the most important feature for them. This involves creating multiple user groups and controlling what content is delivered to each group of users. Segmentation of users allows you to make better recommendations, send personalized messages and better understand your customers’ journey.

Loyalty programs, feature updates and discounts are all examples of in-app elements that could help increase customer engagement. It’s important to pay attention not only to the features but also to the UI/UX design. Poor UI design may cause users to abandon your app and find another one that is better.

Gain a competitive edge within your niche

It’s difficult to keep up with your competition in the constantly changing digital landscape. You have a distinct advantage over your competition by using a mobile app.

Mobile apps are able to offer faster communication and a better customer experience than traditional websites and other digital platforms. The many ways that a mobile app strategy can enhance your business processes will make its impact on revenue generation evident.

Create a personal marketing channel

The marketing department is another area that can reap the benefits of business app development. Digital marketers have the advantage of direct access to all user information when they opt for mobile apps.

Your marketing campaigns and efforts can be greatly improved by the data collected through user sessions. An app gives marketers access to all data that is needed to provide personalized and more effective content to users than traditional channels.

How do you develop a mobile app?

These are some steps to consider before you start developing an app. These steps are critical to the success and viability of your app.

Define your goals

A clear understanding of your goals is essential when you begin the process of app development.

What are your goals? What are your goals for the application? The ultimate goal of your app development project will be determined by these goals. These goals should be clearly stated from the beginning. Otherwise, it is easy to lose your way as you build your app.

Do not set goals, but set specific goals. You won’t use your time and resources efficiently if you do not. It is possible to set goals that are related to your business and the end-users. To measure and track the success of every goal, you should establish clear KPIs.

Let’s take, for example, the idea of creating an app for your ecommerce shop. You might want to lower abandonment rates for mobile shopping carts. You will need to know what your abandonment rates are in order to compare them with the numbers you use when you launch your app.

Find out the market you are targeting

You need to do research about your target market before you start developing mobile apps for your business. This will allow you to understand how consumers interact and react with brands, market dynamics, and leading players. User reviews of top apps on the market should be checked.

Understanding your target audience is also important. Find out about the location and average age of your users, as well as what devices they use.

Decide your app features

It is crucial that your app has the right features. It is important to determine which features are essential to provide the best service to your users. Although it may sound appealing to add popular features to your app, users might be frustrated by them.

Additionally, more features will increase the development time and cost. It is best to keep the initial stages of development simple.

Choose intuitive UI/UX design

What is the first thing that your customers see when you open an app? Your app’s interface and appearance are more important than its features. It is important that users are able to use the app’s features easily and in a user-friendly manner. If the app users cannot use it in their real lives, then the app functionality is meaningless. They will be frustrated and will then move on to the next application.

User interface (UI), refers to the way your mobile app presents itself to users. However, user experience (UX), is the user’s interaction with the app. It gives commands to solve or complete the problems that the app was designed for.

The optimal combination of functionality and attractiveness can determine the effectiveness of your app. Consider these basic rules when designing your app:

  • It is intuitive
  • It’s easy
  • It’s captivating
  • It does exactly what it claims.

You should ensure that your mobile app design is trendy and easy to use.

We recently created a mobile app for Pizza Hut’s Middle-East customers. Our team created an engaging UI/UX that allows users to navigate the site and place orders in just a few clicks. Our team also integrated innovative features that automate food ordering and delivery at the customer’s doorstep to eliminate any unexpected delays. The app has been downloaded more than 50k times, with a 30% increase in conversion rates.

Hire an app development company

A reliable app development company can ensure your app has all the latest features and functionalities at an affordable price. A mobile app development company usually includes UI/UX designers and project managers. They also include app developers and market specialists. These experts will always listen to your vision and make valuable suggestions. Access to industry experts and the most recent technologies is also available through the company.

Create MVP

MVP is the version of an app with the most basic features. It explains the purpose of the mobile app to users but does not have all the advanced features. MVP app development allows you to see how millions of users will accept your app idea before investing any additional money in scaling it.

MVPs are a clear indicator of an app’s value at low development costs and effort. They have been the first step in ensuring success.

Many brands began as MVPs, but have since grown to be top-notch businesses like Twitter, Dropbox and Spotify.

Here’s a handy guide to the minimum viable product that will help you get an idea of the concept. The guide will give you an overview of the concept and the steps you need to take to create an MVP.

Check your app

It’s a must to continue testing your app after you have created it. You need to test everything, from app performance and content to the user experience. Testing is a great way to reduce development costs, find bugs, and improve your reputation as a service provider.

Launch your app

After your app has been tested successfully, you can submit it to the Apple App Store or Play Store. You must follow the developer guidelines of Google and Apple when you submit an app to the Play Store or App Store. You must also align your monetization strategy to their requirements.

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