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A Guide to Set up Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure is a unique game that is designed, keeping in mind the gaming interests and physical well being of the gamers. It is a kind of a gaming accessory that enables you to go through a fantasy adventure world in which you have to defeat a bodybuilding dragon and his minions to survive. With this Ring Fit Adventure, you fight those dragons through real-life exercises. This is a game that takes you on various physical challenges. In that sense, it is the most suitable way of entertaining yourself along with keeping yourself fit and healthy. This game consists of two accessories that you need to use while playing, and that includes a Ring-Con for hand and Leg Strap equipment for a leg. It also comes with some additional minigames along with customizable workout routines.

Not only this, but you can even use this to check your estimated pulse rate with the help of its inbuilt IR Motion Sensor. The Ring Fit Adventure game comes in different modes that you can play in different ways. But, before starting the game, you will have to set this up. If you are a new user of this game or are planning to buy it, then you need to know the ways to set it up. And that is the main aim of this article. In this article, you will get to see the method to set the Ring Fit Adventure to get started with the game. So, please read the full report to know more in this regard.

The Method to Set up Ring Fit Adventure

The Ring Fit Adventure game includes some unique hardware that needs more set up as compared to other switch games. But don’t worry. Here you will get all the information to get it set up. The whole procedure to set the Ring Fit Adventure will take only a few minutes after which you will be ready to start with your game. The process includes some simple steps that anyone can follow with much ease.

In addition to this, it is an excellent way to have some fun time with your family. And this will make your exercise time more fun. The Ring Fit Adventure can be your companion that will help you in staying healthy and entertained. And with all that said, it is considered as a great accessory for players holding all skills and fitness levels. After knowing this much, it’s time to get to the steps that you need to follow to set up the Ring Fit Adventure. Take a look at the below-mentioned steps:

The Steps to Set up the Ring Fit Adventure

Here are the steps to get started with setting up the Ring Fit Adventure. Follow these steps accordingly:

  • To get started, firstly, plug the cartridge of the Ring Fit Adventure game into your Nintendo Switch Console.
  • Now, open your console’s home screen and make sure that your Nintendo Switch has a stable internet connection. Select the icon of the Ring Fit Adventure and launch it on your console.
  • Next, you will need to remove the left joy-con from your Nintendo Switch.
  • Once you have removed the left joy-con from your console, now put it into the accessory of the leg strap pocket. Place the joy-con in a way that its control stick should be on the outside of the mesh. Make sure that the control stick of the joy-con is at the top of the leg strap.
  • And now, stick the velcro of the leg strap to your left thigh. Make sure it’s not loose and stay in place with your movements.
  • Similarly, remove the right joy-con from your Nintendo Switch and place it into the ring-con accessory. And while placing the joy-con, make sure that you have aligned the “+” button with the “+” mark. You might be asked to update your controller, and you can do that by pressing the button of “A”.
  • Next up, calibrate the Ring-Con by putting it on a flat surface and don’t take any action until the game informs you to do so.
  • Now, you can pick up the Ring-Con by holding both padded parts and squeeze both sides inwardly.
  • After this, it’s time to select your location, and you can do that by using the control stick and pressing the buttons placed on your right joy-con. This way, you can also change the distance and weight measurements in the game.
  • And now, when you squeeze the Ring-Con, you will see a message on your screen stating “Start”. And now, you are all ready to play the game.

So, this was all about setting up the Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch. Follow these steps and have the best experience of gaming with your Ring Fit Adventure. And for more updates and information like this, please stay connected with us and follow our website.

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