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A Memorable and Fun Trip To Dubai With Delta Sky miles Loyalty Program

They say,’’ jobs fill your pockets, adventures fill your soul” I did not use to believe this phrase much. Since the time I recall, I have always wanted to be confined within my small room, with books, some Netflix and chill. However this time it was different. One night, my friend and I sat to talk about random stuff, where I started telling him about this old travel movie which I watched that day. The conversation followed here and there and somehow I ended up telling him that I want to go to Dubai. And guess what, to my surprise, Dubai had been his dream destination too. We sat to explore more about it, amidst the random conversation we did not realize how it turned into a final plan to go to Dubai all by ourselves. We booked the tickets, the itinerary, everything. It all felt just “MEANT-TO-BE.” It was already winter, which is one of the best seasons to visit Dubai.  We began searching for flight tickets to Dubai and came across Delta. One thing that made us pick this airline was the Delta Skymiles Program. My friend was a frequent-flyer with this airline. Every time, he flew with this airline, his account was credited with SkyMiles that are redeemable.  My friend used the Delta Skymiles reservations program to book the flight tickets.

The next day we were there. As our cab took off, I realized they put it really correct, “You name it and Dubai has it.’’

We stayed at an apartment-style hotel than the luxurious coastal resort ones owing to get friendly in our pockets. The next day, The Dubai Mall was our first go-to spot, where we directly headed to the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo. The staff was knowledgeable and helping and provided us with useful insights into the place. We were in awe of the place to see the 3 ecological zones- rainforest, rocky zone and living ocean, which was one of its distinguished highlights. My friend got the “cage experience” there, where he could dive into a sheltered cage, to watch 100s of species closely. Besides, underwater photography had its own charm.

Our next place to visit was of course to the architectural marvel, the Burj Khalifa, the tallest freestanding structure in the world, we were already awestruck with the place when watching a simple sunset from the tallest building added to a really unique experience where silence just added to a little perspective that we need in life. 

The next day, after an enriched happy meal at our hotel, we left for the place “AI BASTAKIYA”

Being a history nerd, it quenched my thirst of knowing more about the history of this magical city. The large buildings of the place were made with traditional bricks and stones, which stood with its own charm. We also got to know about the art events which take place there often to be enjoyed with the locals.

After that, we headed for Jumeirah mosque, the only mosque open to non-Muslims. It had such a pure and beautiful vibe to it which is just inexplicable. The lights in the evening added to the charm of this great Islamic architecture. 

Now the kid inside us was jumping to go to a mega themed entertainment destination, IMG Worlds of Adventure. We took the craziest sporty rides to mention one was “the velociraptor” which pumped our adrenaline rush. Thinking about the haunted hotel which is an inbuilt scary and spooky house gave us an experience which still chills my spine. The cafes and restaurants at these amusement places were great and affordable. We had such a blast at our last spot of visit

And the next day we came back. Well, out of curiosity, I asked him about the remaining balance in his SkyMiles account. Surprisingly, he was not aware of that, and he instantly dialled Delta Skymiles Phone Number +1-844-915-2138 to know about the current balance and redemption information.  It felt nostalgic at once but it added to another layer of development, handling and taking responsibility for my own self in a new place, from start to end. The trip was a short one but the transformation in thoughts it brought was much greater than this small nostalgia.

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