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A Step By Step Guide to Clean Your Orient Rug like a Pro

Generally, oriental rugs are constructed of heavy textile material including cotton, wool, and sometimes silk as well. The main purpose of the Oriental rug is to use it for symbolic and utilitarian purposes. It plays a crucial role in improving the interior of a house or a business. Moreover, the phenomenal designs and colors of oriental rugs can make your room look aesthetically beautiful. That’s why; the proper care of your Professional Oriental rug cleaning is extremely important because a clean rug says a lot about your manners.

So, for the longevity of rugs, it is quite necessary to clean it regularly as it’s an ideal way to enhance the rug’s useability. Gladly, maintaining your rug’s longevity is not a complex procedure if you know how to do it perfectly. Nevertheless, for the exceptional results, it is always preferable to hire Oriental Rug Cleaning Toronto Company. A professional carpet cleaning agency not only provides you tips according to rug type but clean your rugs competently.

We are presenting you a complete step by step guide to clean your oriental rug like a pro.

A Step BY Step Guide to Clean Your Oriental rug

As we mentioned earlier, cleaning your oriental rug at home is not a sensible decision because they are made of expensive fabric, and handling them unprofessionally can ruin their quality. However, if you think you can manage it at home then start this cleaning process by using a vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming ideally helps in losing the particles out. After this, you can wash it with cold water and good quality detergent. But remember; don’t handle it harshly as the rug should be dealt with gently.

You can follow these simple steps to clean your wool rug at home. But DON’T clean silk Oriental rug by following these steps as they can’t assure satisfactory results for a silk rug.

Step 1: Get Rid of the Loose Dirt

If you truly intend to get rid of loose dirt then you must use a top-quality vacuum cleaner for this purpose. Start vacuuming the top part of the rug by using suction. However, for better results, turn your rug upside down and repeat the similar process. To keep grim and dust at bay, the process should be repeated twice a month otherwise dust can destroy your rug.

Step 2: Don’t Vacuum the Fringes of Oriental Rug

The fringes on the edges of rugs shouldn’t be vacuumed as they can damage the bristle of the vacuum cleaner. Resultantly, it can harm the quality of the rug as well.

Step 3: Dust Your Rug

For a better result, try to do this by placing your rug vertically outside the room. You can use a broom handle or mop handle to gently remove the dust out of the rug. This process is quite beneficial in removing considerable dust. However, make sure that you are wearing a mask throughout the cleaning process as this way you can avoid severe dust allergy.

Step 4: Re-Vacuum Your Rug

The process doesn’t end here as you need to vacuum your rug for another time. It will help you to eliminate the remaining dust particles by vacuuming the rug properly. However, always keep this instruction in mind that the entire process should be performed gently. Otherwise, dealing with your expensive rug hastily can affect its eminence poorly.

Step 5: Wet Your Rug

Soak the rug in the cold water for better cleanliness. Try to manage everything perfectly as soaking your rug in cold water is a crucial step so you should perform it with proper care.

Step 6: Shampooing the Rug

Use a good quality shampoo for your rug. Don’t scrub it harshly as a brush with soft bristle is effective for this purpose. You can add more detergent and water if it’s needed.

Step 7: Dry Your Rug

Once you are done with the washing process, the next major step is to dry your rug properly. Keep your rug at an open place but avoid its direct exposure to the sun. Otherwise, the sun rays can have a bad impact on your rug.

Prefer Professional Carpet Cleaning For the Longevity of Oriental Rugs

No doubt, you can clean your oriental rug at home but keep one thing in your mind that the expensive and premium quality rugs requires professional cleaning to ensure long-lasting durability.  We don’t recommend you to use bleach or harsh chemicals for your expensive rugs because such chemicals can adversely affect the quality of the rug. The carpet cleaning companies in Toronto can provide outstanding services for maintaining the luster and durability of the rug. So, no need to waste your time and energy on cleaning these luxurious rugs at home because professional cleaners know how to clean your rugs like a pro. So, without wasting your time and energy hire the most proficient team to clean your carpet by using the latest tools and equipment.

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