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Aang Becomes Villain for the Cabbage Seller in the Last Airbender’s Alternate Introduction

Aang turns out to be the wrongdoer in the tale of the cabbage seller in a humorous alternate Avatar: The Last Airbender’s intro video. Since the show became part of Netflix’s catalog in early 2020, it has become the topic of conversation since everyone, irrespective of them being a fan or not, decided to watch the show. All this buzz and movement of shows onto the platform is a groundwork for a live-action adaptation of Avatar that Netflix has in store for us. Its last official announcement came two years back. Though there have not been any fast-paced developments and updates by the company to the audience, it looks like the project is not shelved yet but is in the early stage of development. The fans are quite stoked to see the new live-action treatment and hope that it is not as bad at The Last Airbender that hit the screens in 2010.

Cabbage vendor was initially supposed to be a one-time scene but later became one of the hits reappearing jokes in the series. The unfortunate merchant has the world’s worst luck and ends up installing his shop in the same place where Aang and his group travels to. And no matter what, some of the other events lead to Aang destroying his stand. Hence, the seller is now well known to cry and mourn the loss of his produce every time. The cabbage merchant’s role is limited to this side plot only, but it has become a front-runner among fans, and so the makers decided to continue his woe in The Legend of Korra.

There is no doubt about the fact that the cabbage seller must hate Aang and his friends no matter how much good he does for the world. But a fan named Baugo found it funny to take things to another level. The fan took the famous opening intro of the show and twisted it to present it from the sad merchant’s viewpoint. This little edit ensures that the world sees Aang as the villain he is to the poor cabbage merchant. The cabbage seller has become such a pivotal part of Avatar stories that people genuinely hope they see him in the live-action series as well. James Sie, who lends his voice to the unlucky character, stated that he would be happy to play the role again if the production decides on it. sultanbeyli escort

Frankly, there is no point watching Avatar if every other episode does not show a man yelling incoherently about his precious cabbages.  But the fans will have to wait very patiently before they discover if the cabbage merchant is in the live-action series or not. Very less information has been made public about the project and its progress, let alone a release date. But till then, viewers can enjoy Avatar, and its spin-off shows The Legend of Korra on Netflix.

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