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About 8day club gaming – best organization in Vietnam

Withdraw money from 8day to the bank

Basically, the way to withdraw money at the 8day gaming bookie is extremely easy. When you follow our instructions below.

Members access the “Withdrawal” section after logging in to the house.

On the first withdrawal interface, please fill in the information that the house requires. The information includes:

Amount: You enter the amount to withdraw to your bank account.

Bank name: You choose one of the banks supported by the house.

Full name: You enter the name of the bank account holder, the name needs to be the same as the name registered for the account at the bookie.

Account number: You enter your bank account number correctly.

Province/City/Bank branch: You enter the exact address where you open a bank account.

Check the box “Remember my bank details” so that the system saves your bank account information. Thereby in the next transactions, the house side will not ask you to enter your bank account information anymore.

Finally, click on “Send” to have your withdrawal request processed by the bookie. Within 30 minutes, you will receive your withdrawal to your bank account.

The outstanding advantages of the house

When it comes to the factors that make up the brand reputation and quality of 8DAY. We cannot ignore the following outstanding advantages of the house.

Fast deposit and withdrawal speed

The speed of deposit and withdrawal at the house is considered to be quite fast and much more than other channel sites. Detail:

Recharge: 1-5 minutes.

Withdrawal: About 30 minutes.

However, if the player withdraws money on weekends or holidays when the bank is not working. This objective factor will cause the transaction to be processed more slowly. This is a completely understandable thing that players can sympathize with.

The bookie keeps customer information well

The leader of the house 8DAY said: They are always committed to and respect the personal privacy of customers. Thereby, they will use the most modern encryption and security systems to ensure the safety of customer information.

Besides, this information will never be disclosed by the house to anyone else outside. Therefore, you can rest assured when experiencing and using official information at 8DAY.

The best player complaint resolution

The department that handles complaints and receives negative reviews from players at the house is considered to have a very good working style. Because they always maintain a polite and friendly attitude when customers contact the house in all situations, even the worst.

Strong community of players

If you have been playing betting for a long time, you will find 8day is a familiar house brand. Currently, their position is evaluated and ranked quite high in the Vietnamese and Asian markets.

With strong economic and financial potential and many media units promoting the house’s image well. Surely the number of members participating in the house 8DAY will grow stronger and stronger.

Best customer service

This is the service that the 8day bookie deserves to receive a 5-star rating from players. Although the house has a very large number of members participating. However, their customer service department is rarely slow to respond. In addition, the staff of the house seems to work at full capacity and bring a feeling of satisfaction to the players.

In addition, customer care channels at 8DAY are also extremely diverse and rich.

The link to 8DAY is blocked, what to do?

Currently, the link to the 8day house is also facing a blocked situation. So why is the link to the bookie blocked, do you know?

Why is the link to the house blocked?

In fact, the reason the house is blocked is not because 8DAY is not reputable or fraudulent at all. The reason the house is blocked is because of Vietnamese law. Thereby, the current Vietnamese law does not allow online betting to operate.

It is for the above reason that the bookmakers dealing with this service will be blocked from linking. This is also the reason why the link to the 8day house is blocked, preventing you from accessing it. So what is the solution to help you overcome this situation?

The solution to the situation where the link to the house is blocked

There are 4 solutions for players to overcome the extremely effective FUN-88 link problem below:

Players proceed to change the default DNS address on the computer to the domain name resolution address of Google or Vietnamese network operators.

Use free fake IP software to change your computer’s IP address.

Using the link to the newly updated bookie from 8day is also considered an effective solution.

Use the 8DAY Mobile app to access the bookie right on your mobile device. This way of access helps you to join the house anytime, anywhere without ever being blocked.

Currently, most players prefer to choose the house application on mobile phones. Below are instructions to help you download the app to your phone to experience.

Instructions to download the 8DAY Mobile app to have a great betting experience

To bring players the best betting experience at the house. 8DAY officially launched their mobile casino app version. Players who want to experience this app should follow the instructions to download the 8day app to their phones below:

First, use your phone to access the link to the 8day house.

On the website interface of the house, you select the item “Download application”. This item is designed in the top left corner position of the phone screen interface.

The new interface will appear QRcode 8day Mobile. Now use the QR application to scan and download the 8DAY application to your phone.

After the application is successfully downloaded, the installation message will be displayed on the phone. Players now press OK to install the app on their personal phones.

Answers to frequently asked questions about playing at 8DAY

Below our experts will answer some of the frequently asked questions of players about the 8DAY house.

8DAY scam, is it right or wrong to get caught?

These are completely false information about the 8day house. You absolutely should not trust these sources of information. Instead, you should know that 8day is a legal house brand and ensures legality for players. Therefore, there will never be a scam, caught or collapsed.

Thereby, the information that 8day scam comes from bad guys who want to bring down the reputation of the house. Others are due to individuals not following the house’s conditions, causing withdrawals not to be processed. Players who do not understand the problem think that the house cheats their money.

Which banks does the house support players to transact through?

Currently, the bookie is supporting customers to transact through the 7 largest and “bloody” banks in Vietnam. That is:

Vietcombank bank.

BIDV Bank.

Vietinbank Bank.

Dong A Bank.

Sacombank Bank.


ACB bank.

Players when transacting, please choose 1 of these 7 banks to ensure the fastest processing time for deposit and withdrawal procedures. In addition, you can also choose to transact through an e-wallet, try F-GO… for the most convenient and fast transaction.

Is there a fee to create an account at 8day?

Players when participating in the 8day house do not have to spend any money at all? Signing up for a betting account is completely free. Thereby, members only start using their money when they deposit into the account and start betting.

Can’t contact the bookie’s customer service

During peak hours, the number of members contacting the bookie 8DAY is quite large. At this time, the customer service service will be somewhat overloaded and will not be able to respond to the players. Therefore, the player encounters the situation of not being able to contact the dealer’s switchboard.

When players encounter this situation, please change to another channel to contact the dealer. Besides, you can wait for a few minutes to reconnect to the house.

Why does the bookie ask me to verify my account?

During the betting process at the bookie, there will be times when 8DAY sends players requests for account verification. This is because the bookie suspects that your account has strange login signs, signs of being hacked.

Therefore, the house sends players to request account verification to improve security for users. So please follow the instructions to enable the highest security mode for your account.

Through our sharing article, do you see that 8DAY is a bookie with a strong investment? Currently, their brand is being evaluated as being on par with bookies like W88, 188Bet or So if you are playing betting at the house, feel free to experience it.
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