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Adobe Lightroom Tips for Improving your Smartphone Photos

Photography is an art, and it requires techniques, efforts, patience, and creativity to click amazing pictures. With the advancement of technology, mobile phones have taken the place of the professional cameras due to the ability to capture excellent quality pictures. So, if you are a photographer and love capturing moments, you should know how to make your photos even more eye-popping using your smartphone.

Fortunately, we have some mobile applications that can help you edit and make your clicks more beautiful. Adobe Lightroom is one of the photo editing software that allows you to edit, share multiple images, tag, organize, import, and view your pictures without affecting original photos.

Here are some tips that will help you improve your smartphone photos using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.


Cropping a photo is a very basic feature, but with Adobe Lightroom, it is not the same. If you crop a picture more or less than required, it can make your image unpleasant. Adobe Lightroom gives you the tips while cropping your photographs that make cropping even simpler.

Remove unwanted objects

In case you mistakenly capture an unwanted object in your picture, Adobe Lightroom will help you remove the dirt with perfection. Using this feature, you can eliminate pimples, spots, etc. from your selfies. Select the Healing option to make your image decent. You can tap and drag up/down on the icons to the left to select the size, feather, and opacity of your healing brush. Click on the imperfection part in the picture and cover it with the brush completely. You can drag and adjust the brush to cover more or less area.

Edits and effects

You can customize your image to manage the overexposed area and alter many things like the color of the image, sharpness, noise, and contrast, etc. Various buttons are given in the application to make editing simple, click on any of the buttons to get the required feature.

Make colors pop

For any picture, colors are the significant factor that makes the photo unique. So, managing colors in the image are very important. You can adjust color contrast within your picture using Adobe Lightroom.

Fix white balance

Sometimes, because of the strong intensity of sunlight, pictures get overexposed. Temperature and sunlight are the factors that can make photographs more bluish or orangish. You can fix this in the color section and achieve a realistic white balance.

Lightroom presets

If you customize a picture using various filters, adjusting contrast and managing colors, and you like the total adjustment, you can save it for the next time. It will be added to the presets. Presets allow you to save your favorite editing adjustments. So that whenever you need to use the same modifications for new images, you will be able to re-apply the same editing adjustments multiple times in a single click.

You can download Adobe Lightroom for free, but the free version of this application will not allow you to access all its features. To avail its all the features, you will need to get the paid subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud.

  • Photography Plan ($9.99/month): Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, and 20GB of cloud storage.
  • Lightroom Plan ($9.99/month): Lightroom, and 1 TB of cloud storage.
  • Photography Plan ($19.99/month): Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, and 1 TB of cloud storage.
  • All apps ($52.99/month): This plan includes all Adobe apps with all the features.

Source : Adobe Lightroom Tips
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