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Advantages and Disadvantages of White Marble Countertops

For most individuals, they don’t need a style that’s too elaborate. They love their white marble countertops easily. However at identical time fashionable and useful. This can be the explanation of why they typically opt for white marble countertops at the top of the day. This call could be a smart one and it has 2 qualities. White marble possesses the dual attributes of natural stone aesthetics and sturdiness. Many people got to have it in our room for the love of natural stone end.

Yet, like alternative stone countertops (quartz, granite, etc.), marble additionally has its lists of execs and cons. These can influence your call to shop for and install marble in your room.

First, let’s take into account the positives of getting white marble countertops in your room.

Advantages of white marble countertops:

These five execs of Marble countertops highlight all the advantages of victimization for your next transforming project. There are such a big amount of alternative ones besides these.

A stylish and chic mixture of style:

For years, white marble-like a Carrara marble stone has been the primary selection of the many householder’s thanks to the magnificence it adds to their home. It works well in each toilet or room.

Marble has been used for a lot of things starting from wall styles, floor styles, to kitchen countertops, monuments, and lobbies.

Most people love marble countertops such a lot as a result of it merely creates an eye-catching setting in any area. Individuals love marble as a result of it attracts attention and might simply catch the eye of holidaymakers.

Marble encompasses a refined structure that simply enhances any style or vogue in your room. This skillfulness greatly contributes to people’s call to settle on marble countertops.

Durable Marble Countertops:

One of the foremost vital things to think about whereas deciding to mend a stone tabletop in your house is sturdiness. However long is your selection getting to last you or however long does one wish to use your marble product for?

Proper and regular waterproofing can assist you to keep up your tabletop for a protracted time. Marble isn’t very a “wipe-and-go kitchen marble counter”.

Unlike quartz, marble is sort of porous. You want to perpetually and punctiliously clean marble if you wish it to retain its magnificence and refined build.

Reduce the quantity of toilsome work you are doing on the surface if you wish to increase the period of your natural marble slabs.

Marble could be a Natural Stone Heat Resistant:

This kind of tabletop will stand up to high heat and frequently the simplest countertops for serious cookery activities like baking.

Although marble is one of the simplest heat-resistant room countertops you’ll be able to opt for, it still isn’t counseled to put hot pots and pan directly on its surface.

Increases Your Property worth:

If properly maintained, marble will increase the worth of your home. They provide clients an honest impression of your home; tells your buyer that your house is elegant. Kitchen renovations with a marble tabletop are usually a solid investment that pays for itself in most asset transactions within the future.

Availability of Marble block Stone product:

Unlike alternative natural stones, marble is instantly on the market. Anyplace you’re within the world, you’ll be able to simply get a natural marble block stone put in in your home. We’ve got several marble stone products to settle on from Granite & Marble that we all know you may love.

Disadvantages of Marble room Countertops:

As with something, it’s smart to grasp some areas to think about once creating a selection for any marble tabletop product.

Marble Is Soft and Porous:

Compared to quartz, granite, and alternative natural stones, marble is very soft. This quality makes it liable to scratches and stains, thus you would like to require care of it.

A Marble tabletop is additionally porous. It retains acids, hot liquids, wax, etc. It might need regular sharpening, sealing, and maintenance to increase its period and additionally create it look newly-installed on every occasion, even when years of use.

Easily Scratches and Stains:

As a result of its high porousness, marble additionally gathers stains and scratches simply. It’s counseled to frequently clean and polish the surface to renew its look.

Make use of cutting boards, it prevents scratches and marks from a build-up on the surface of your marble tabletop.

High Maintenance and Care:

Quartz and alternative stone materials are stronger and somewhat additional sturdy than marble, creating them somewhat tough to wash and maintain.

However, for marble, regular maintenance is required. To retain the elegant surface and refined nature of marble, you want to perpetually polish and seal the surface.


For a DIY marble tabletop installation method, marble is very serious to figure with. You’d need the experience of extremely proficient professionals to try to do the duty.

If you’re putting in marble yourself, guarantee your kitchen marble countertops are stable to avoid the autumn of weighty marble tiles when installation.


A marble could be a luxurious stone material. Nothing that means luxury is affordable.

You are needed to sacrifice regardless of the price is to possess an ideal marble installation in your home. Most Loudoun County, marble enclosed, need an honest chunk of associate degree investment to possess put in.

But for the attractive scenery, you’ll get in your home, a marble tabletop is certainly priced its wealth in gold.

Losses magnificence Overtime:

Marble additionally loses its refined texture and chic surface overtime with maintenance.

They can wear move into no time and become quite ugly if not properly maintained. Magnificence overtime needs constant care & maintenance.


If you wish to find out additional concerning the foremost fashionable marble countertops. As you will white marble countertops can create an effect in your home. Installing white marble entails that you simply have a mix of fashion and practicality. Most want this for their room as an extension of their vogue.


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