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Aftermarket John Deere Concaves: A Guide

The combine harvester is one of the most important equipment invented in the field of agriculture. The combine harvester is a boon for farmers who can use this equipment to reduce their workload, save time, and improve their earnings. The equipment that comes from the John Deere Company is the most reliable. It is known for quality. The combine concave is an accessory that enhances the functioning of the combine. The aftermarket John Deere concaves are important parts that help a farmer.

Using the Concaves

Using the aftermarket John Deere concaves helps the farmer solve the problem of rotor loss. This is a problem that causes a lot of loss for farmers. Using concaves can help save the farmer from these losses. The John Deere Company manufactures farming equipment to help the farmer be more productive. The parts made by the company are OEM parts. There are also aftermarket parts available in the market. The problem with using the OEM parts is their expense. Since these parts are manufactured by one of the leading companies, these parts are priced high. The high expenses of these parts make farmers look for other options.

This is where aftermarket John Deere concaves can be helpful. These are concave combine parts made by other companies. These parts work in the same way as the OEM parts. When these parts are used by the farmer in the harvesting operations, it would offer many advantages, including preventing rotor loss and using the same concave for harvesting many crops. While OEM parts are expensive, these aftermarket parts are cheaper and do the same work.

Why buy these aftermarket combine parts?

When a farmer buys aftermarket John Deere concaves parts, it is financially beneficial for the farmer because the parts cost less. The features of these parts and their benefits ensure they are advantageous to use. Some of the features of these aftermarket parts include:

• Xtreme threshing: This is a feature that allows better threshing of crops. This is due to the use of restrictive flow. As a result of this, the crops harvested are cleaner. This improves the quality of the harvested grain.

• Progressively open: This is an innovative feature that prevents loss of grain from the back. The concave unloading happens quicker and this ensures more grain can be harvested and stored, increasing the yield.

• Better than a round bar: The aftermarket parts offer ten times better threshing than a round bar system. This is beneficial for farmers.

Using aftermarket concave is beneficial and it offers multiple advantages. The advantages of using aftermarket concaves are:

• One concave works for different crops like soy, wheat, barley, corn, etc. Farmers can save money as they need not use different parts for different crops.

• Rotor loss affects the yield, using a concave can stop rotor loss.

• Damages to the harvested grain can occur during the process. Using these parts can solve this problem, thus improving the quality of the yield.

• The speed at which harvesting is carried out increases. This helps to save time.

Using aftermarket combine for the John Deere equipment helps to increase productivity and quality. It also saves time benefiting the farmer.
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