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AI in Investment Banking: The Future Prospects

AI in investment banking, is a recent development, but has thoroughly changed the face, and functioning of the banking industry. Here are the future prospects.

Think of using AI-powered software, replacing spreadsheets, for carrying out big calculations. The productivity of a banking professional will increase manifolds. There have come many such AI tools in the market that you need to explore and get trained on to, being an investment banking aspirant. Lately, a plethora of AI-powered technologies have emerged to better facilitate investment banking functions.

ai in investment

Expected revenues to be generated from the use of AI in Banking amid 2018 & 2030 


The above-provided graph showcases the estimated business value, the use of AI in banking, will generate amid 2018 and 2030, across the major continents of the world.

As per a recent Statista study, it was concluded that by 2030, the adoption of AI in the banking sector will help generated $99 billlion in revenues in the Asian continent alone.

Diverse Potential Applications of AI in Banking

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Investment bankers have already been using AI-powered CRM applications for quite some time now. A vital role that an investment banking professional plays, while at work, is pulling in clients to invest in their respective bank. AI-powered chatbots are being used for the same.

Bankers are also leveraging AI robots to have a detailed conversation with their clients. Estimates and predictions say that approximately 4000 sales job roles will be taken care of by AI-based human robots in the next ten years in the investment banking domain.


AI in Investment Banking is not limited to use of CRM applications, but it has traversed deep into trading in the financial markets. Predictive modeling is a vital feature of the functioning of AI, that requires historical data as input. Investment bankers make use of AI-powered trading tools capable of predicting the future performance of bonds, securities and equities, basis the past historical data being fed as input to the AI tool.

Added Security in Banking Processes

Humans are prone to making mistakes when it comes to big numbers and calculations. Investment banking sector deals with the same in its day-to-day activities. Investment bankers these days are leveraging AI-powered software tools for making huge calculations. And, as a result, they eliminate the possibility of errors in the first place. When the data gets machine-fed, the calculation errors get reduced, significantly.

Investment banking aspirants must enroll themselves in investment banking courses online, to attain the skillset currently required in the investment banking industry. Professional credentials in the banking sector are considered highly valuable in terms of securing employment as a fresher. Especially, the young finance graduates must opt-in for at least one of the investment banking skill certifications, that is in line with their career goals.

Change in the Conventional Work Profile of IB Professionals

IB professionals will stop doing what they have been, for the past several decades with the introduction of AI-powered banking tools in the future. Besides, many large global investment banks are already using such tools at the moment for getting their repetitive tasks done in a quick time.

Numerous tasks that an investment banking analyst does on a day-to-day basis that comprises data research involving data structuring, data segregation, and data processing, will now be done by an AI-powered machine that has been trained to do so in less time, compared to the manual undertaking of the same by humans.

This clearly signals that future fintech professionals will be required to be proficient in tech skills. Only commerce skills will not be capable of saving their jobs in the finance sector. But, there is good news too. New job roles will emerge as the rate of technology adoption increases in banking. And hence, there will exist more opportunities, if you are skilled enough, and certified.
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