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The need for elevators has become quite common, especially in residential areas. It is mainly because of the various advantages they impart. Elevators have become a common concept today in houses where elderly or physically challenged people live. They have made it easier for people to move from one floor to another. Moreover, there are several other reasons why people prefer installing elevators in houses and buildings. These reasons include increase in property value, making a style statement, and improving safety etc.

However, people have become more environmentally conscious over the time and thus demand installation of lifts which are eco-friendly too. They now prefer lifts that ensure clean and unpolluted internal atmosphere of buildings and houses. This has led to the introduction of green elevators that have certain distinct environmental benefits that are not available in other types of elevators like Residential Elevators, traction elevators, hydraulic elevators etc.

These elevators come with certain advantageous features like:

  • Low Energy Consumption

The traditional elevators use considerable amount of energy, even if they’re not in use. The energy consumed by elevators can be as much as 8 percent of energy consumption of the whole building. Therefore, any way or any substitute that can reduce the energy usage will be beneficial for overall energy efficiency of the building. It will not only lead to lower consumption of energy but will also lower running costs. Considering these needs, green elevators have been designed that are way more energy-efficient than the previous traditional elevators. They come with several features that cannot only reduce energy consumption but also supply the electricity back to the main system.

One way in which these elevators save energy is by automatically turning off non-essential systems when the lift is not in use. These eco-friendly elevators have sensors fitted in their cabs that turn off lights, video screens, music, and ventilation when the elevator is not in use and when the elevator is required, all these will automatically turn on again.

  • More User-Friendliness

Elevators have become an important part of our daily life today. People rely on lifts for traveling between floors in offices, car parks, and even in residences. Any aspect of elevators that makes traveling more efficient and convenient and for user is beneficial. The software that these green elevators use is more efficient at sensing on which floors it should stop first. This basically means that these elevators work more smartly and have to stop less. Thus, they reduce the waiting time for the users. By running more efficiently, these elevators save a significant amount of energy and also add to users’ convenience.

  • No Machine Rooms Required

Traction elevators usually need a machine room above the elevator shaft where the gear box, cable etc. is placed. Green elevators have introduced a space-saving concept in which it is now possible to place the elevator technology within the shaft by using gearless traction design. This design saves a considerable amount of space and makes installation of elevators much easier.

  • Regenerative Drives

Green elevators do not only reduce energy consumption but also recover the energy that is used. This energy otherwise gets dissipated in the form of sound or heat in traditional elevators. However, in green elevators, this used energy is recovered and recycled back into the main electrical system of the building. As a result, there is substantial reduction in building’s utility bills.

  • Efficient Control Features

It is a known fact that the lifts with lesser passenger require higher amount of energy to operate when moving upwards so as to counter the elevator’s counterweight weight. But in green elevators, the case is different. These elevators cut down the excess energy usage by using control features such as interior light management, precision in traffic control, and reduction in other energy consuming factors.

  • Lower Carbon Footprint

One of the biggest environmental concerns on the present time is carbon footprint. These eco-friendly elevators address this concern by using energy efficient production and operating techniques, proper management of service fleet, timely diagnosis of mechanical and other problems using remote monitoring, and various other supporting systems.

There are several others benefits as well that green elevators offer, such as:

  • Being lubricant-free. As gear or pistons are not used in these elevators, there is no need for lubricating. This prevent problems like oil leaks making the use of these elevators trouble-free.
  • These elevators reduce energy consumption up to 80% as compared to traditional elevators as they use gravity for moving downwards and minimal energy for moving upwards. Also, they use LED or halogen lights that are automatically shut off when elevator is not in use.

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