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All about Motorized Curtains | 2020 Best Guide

All about Motorized Curtains

So you want to know how to motorize curtains? Well, the answer is simple. It’s simple because it’s easy, and because you will be using the same curtain motor that your grandparents used to motorize their curtains, in fact.

The curtain motor itself, which I’m going to call the back of the curtain motor, is what you need to understand first. The back of the curtain motor is what lifts up the curtains on the curtain rod and moves them down. It has the ability to lift up on its own so it doesn’t have to be directly connected to the rod. It uses gravity, which you may have heard of before.

As far as the curtains are concerned, they are put on the back of the curtain rod. This is an easy to understand method. When you buy a motor, it will tell you exactly how to put the curtains on the back of the rod. It’s easy, right?

So now what happens when you want to put the curtains on the front of the rod? Well, you just need to remove the rods themselves and push them through the back of the motor. These rods are connected to the springs, which are connected to the hinges in the motor.

That’s how they move, but the bottom line is that the rod needs to come through the front of the motor. You may have noticed the front of the curtain motor, which I’m not going to show you here, has hinges on it. This is where it needs to connect to the rod.

But the next question you might ask is how to motorize curtains on the side of the rod. Well, the answer is, that’s the only way. That’s the only way they can be motorized shop Abu dhabi.

Now, I don’t want to get too technical, but the way the motor works is by connecting the curtain rod to the motor through the back of the motor. As the curtain moves, it is connected to the motor. The motor then pulls up on the curtains and causes them to swing back down, thus moving the curtain rod to the front.

It’s a really simple way to motorize curtains. If you are interested in motorizing curtains, you need to look into this motor. If you don’t know where to get it or don’t have it right now, you can always click this link and look it up for yourself.
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