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All New OnePlus Buds Will Offer Amazing 30-Hour Battery Life

After the launch of mobile smartphones without headphone jacks, Apple launched its truly wireless stereo or TWS earbuds named AirPods that became popular over time. No doubt, these earbuds are handy and designed in such a way that you can use it for a longer duration. Users also said that you could wear them for a longer period without any issue. But the tiny bodies of the AirPods hold batteries that can last for only a few hours. So, audio buds’ makers are competing to make audio quality strong with the upgrading the battery life of their buds.

But think just having 30 hours of battery life in a small and tiny earbud. Yes, now it’s possible with the OnePlus earbuds. The company has computed that the total battery life of their earbuds is around 30 hours. They are going to offer five times battery life than the average battery life. As the ordinary battery life of the wireless earbuds is 6 hours in a full charge.

The OnePlus earbuds will prove an excellent product if the users love the design of the product. Research shows that people nowadays use TWS or True Wireless Stereo earbuds more than smartphones so, the buds’ makers are working in the direction to make an earbud that you can wear all day without feeling heaviness on your ears. The weight of the OnePlus earbuds is just 4.6 grams, which might give more comfort. If you see the overall design of the earbud, you might find that these buds look similar to those of the Apple AirPods.

OnePlus considers this bud as the “burdenless” earbuds that can give a better user experience. If you are expecting anything from looking at their specs, then this bud will stand all your expectations. Unfortunately, there are not many details about this burdenless earbuds, but still, there are some details that you will get to know in this blog.

You can use OnePlus Buds with any Bluetooth enabled devices, but it works well with the OnePlus phones. You can also use it as the gaming buds as it supports fine sound that matches the sound quality of the wired headphones and produces sound quality that is required for playing games.

Some More Details About Wireless Earbuds

OnePlus officially announced that it will launch its first wireless earbuds, which will hit the market with one of the most affordable smartphones, OnePlus Nord this month.

Many people consider this bud as the successor of the OnePlus Wireless Z that was launched in April. Those wireless are the first audio products that hit the market with the brand name of the bullet.

There is no official image release, but people are assuming that OnePlus has designed their buds like the Apple AirPods. The previous leaks proved right, and if this leak about the design will prove correct, then you might see a bud from OnePlus that looks identical to Apple or Samsung’s earbuds.

As per the rumors, the model name of this wireless bud will be E501A, and they will also come with the 7.5W charger that can charge your buds whenever necessary.

Who Should Get The OnePlus Wireless Earbuds?

Anybody can get this wireless earbud, especially if you want a bud that can work for a longer duration.

If you are already using OnePlus Smartphones, you might love these buds, as they can prove more efficient than any other product. The product is not launched yet, but still, there will be no alternative to this product due to the extended 30 hours battery life.

The earbuds will be smaller in design, and you also know that its design is similar to Apple and Samsung, so you don’t need to hesitate about the design and the performance of the product.

Not all the wireless buds are enjoyable, but it is lightweight, and you can wear it all day without any issue. You can expect a sound quality that can be loved by everyone.

Compatibility Of The Wireless Buds With The iPhone?

As mentioned earlier, OnePlus wireless buds work well with the iPhone. It is compatible with all the Bluetooth-enabled devices. If you love the design of the AirPods, then there is a higher possibility then you might enjoy this bud.


In a post by the OnePlus’s forum, it is clear that the buds will come with the black color. The buds might be available in other colors as well, but as of now, there is no official announcement about other specs and the variants. So, wait for further reports and announcements from the company.

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