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All New Upcoming Games on Google Stadia

In the next few months, Google Stadia is going to add tons of latest games on its cloud services. Google has signed five new developers to make exclusive titles for its Stadia cloud gaming services. The company has also partnered with Developer Splash Damage who is now making an online multiplayer game called Outcasters for Google’s Stadia Pro Subscription. Google has also teamed up with Rock Band developer Harmonix and Until Dawn studio Supermassive Games. But the latter collaboration will bring out some exclusive games later in the future only. There is no revelation about the kind of games that the players will get to experience, but one can be assured that Stadia will earn a high profile name for its growing lineup.

Google Stadia is going to introduce additions like IO Interactive’s Hitman Reboot Series that includes three games, the first two sequels and the third will be Hitman 3 which will be launched at some time in 2021. The first installation of the Hitman reboot series will be available on 1st September this year. Users will also find a samurai action game by FromSoftwares called Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in the fall season later this year.

Along with all of these games, Stadia will also add a bunch of prominent 2K sports games to their collection. This year, the players will find two upcoming games, and those are the PGA Tour 2K21 that will be released on August 21 and the WWE 2K Battlegrounds that is going to launch on September 18. The NBA 2K21 game will be launched later this fall. Google has secured its games as limited exclusivity where a couple of additions will be released under the ‘First On Stadia’ tag. Some of the exclusive games are Bad Dream, One Hand Clapping, and Konami’s Super Bomberman R Online. Bad Dream is a puzzle game, and Konami’s Super Bomberman R Online game is a 64-players battle royale mode playable game that includes all the features provided by Stadia’s Crowded Play. This game also enables the players to invite viewers into the active game lobby.

A lot of cross-platform games like Serious Sam Series by Talos Principle Developer Croteam, Outrider by People Can Fly, and Square Enix will also be available on Stadia by next year after the release of the general console and PC during this holiday season. Google is shifting its three existing games to Stadia. Apart from that, Dead By Daylight – an online survival horror game, along with some unique cloud features are going to launch on Stadia this September.  Overall, we can say that the players are going to be impressed by all the collaborations and upcoming launches by Google Stadia.

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