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What Drives your Ambulance Billing to Better Payments

Ambulance Billing

Unlike any other medical specialties, ambulance billing is not based on a definitive diagnosis. Here the patients are treated with their apparent condition. The CMS updates as well as changes ambulance rules and regulations which all providers have to comply with. The coding and billing for the same are done based on the PCR or the patient care report.

To get payments for the services, it is critical to comply with the present norms in place. Also besides the Mileage documentation, the level of service based on basic life support (BLS), the Advanced Life Support (ALS), and its proper interpretation make a difference in revenue cycle management. Hence, it is critical for you as a healthcare provider to do the same. A sound team of skilled experts in ambulance billing knows how to drive your ROI in the best possible manner.

The Sunknowledge difference in Ambulance billing

Already, working with some of the topmost names across the healthcare industry, Sunknowledge knows how to eliminate pain points, offer complete support with patient documentation, providing support by entering the right charges, codes for the procedures. With an extensive understanding of the best practices across the industry, Sunknowledge understands how to drive payments by offering the right support.

We are a full-service extension and deliver all the necessary assistance which drives growth for our clients. Our team understands what it takes to get back your payments all on time by offering a comprehensive outlook. We have developed benchmarks as a comprehensive RCM partner and have eliminated gaps y working as a genuine operational partner.

Get in touch with our team! Know how we drive your ROI by working as a reliable extension. Our team will give you a complete demonstration. Schedule a call with our team, accelerate your payments by offering true value. Leverage the Sunknowledge advantage and experience a hassle-free experience in your cash flow like never before. We have the perfect plan for you and offer unparalleled standards of production. At just 1.99% or $7 per hour, we do it all! Get in touch with our experts real quick!

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