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Android Application Development Company: Tips, Cost, and Process

Both android gadgets and Android OS are ruling the present marketplace. The number of applications in the Play Store is more than 2.9 Million making it the biggest app store worldwide. Moreover, when we do an assessment of the number of application downloads of iOS and Android, Android is way ahead of iOS. Hence the requirement for Android application development Company raised tremendously. 

If you were in puzzlement of which OS to pick out iOS or Android, then get the answers from your audiences. 

You can have two ways to get your android app built. Before you move ahead, it is essential to pick out the one. Let’s check out both the types & you can choose which one fits your requirements.

Native App Development

If you desire to build your app just for the Android platform, native development can be your choice of platform. Native is perfect when talking about developing a feature-filled application. The awesome things concerning this platform are personalization, high performance, speed, efficiency, and reliability. The native platform moreover provides an improved user experience to the application. You can effectively customize the app the way you need, add each of the features you desire, and get them to work the way you want. Moreover, all the benefits arrives with added cost. Native development of the application is costlier and even needs more time.

Hybrid App Development

The hybrid platform is a suitable choice when you need to target manifold platforms and set up your application on both Google as well as Apple App Store. Hybrid generally allows professional developers to code one time and run it on multiple platforms. Benefits of choosing this platform comprise speedy development, cost-effectiveness, and covering a grand target audience having multiple devices. You may have certain cons to such platforms as well. The speed and the performance of such a platform are not as fine as the native platform. There could be malfunctions when there are extra features. Moreover, you cannot customize the application as much as you can make it by the native platform.

Thus, check your application requirements & observe which platform go well with it properly.

Android Application Development Company

Process for the Development of Android App:

There are various stages of an application development cycle. Just take a look below to better understand it.


The primary step of the development process is getting a one on one consultation concerning the app with the customer. It is essential to know what actually the client needs from the application. The Android app development company should know the actual expectations of the client. There must be in an-depth conversation about the likes as well as dislikes of the client to offer the beloved client with what they want. There has to be a precise feature listing of the application to proceed with excellence.


The second and very essential step of the application development cycle is the designing part. The user reaches very first on the application design. They choose to stay only if they like the design & if they don’t, they would not take a second prior to abandoning it eternally. The Smartphone app designers know the modern latest trends & tools, themes, colors, and every further element. The design operates with the customer to take their advice. Changes are done according to the client’s suggestion in case any before it goes into the other phase.


This is the step actually comes before the designing, here, professionals create a wireframe of the application. A wireframe will assist the client to get familiar with the flow of the application. It will moreover give a demo of the application design. The client could share their input concerning it and the professional developers can do changes at the early stage. This will boost client satisfaction as well as save the energy and time of the developers.


Professional Android developers put together the design into the application. The expert professional will use the latest languages for development to build your app matching with the trend. Professional developers will bring the app design to your life. Ensure to hire Android developers skilled and experienced to do fairness to your app.


Every application developed also by the best developers would have several bugs or performance concerns. It is very essential to test the app at the time of developing it and also at the post-development. Launching an application with bugs as well as performance issues will drive your users away & cause app failure. Testers carry out manual testing of the app in all the devices to make out whether it works impeccably or has any glitch. All the problems found are even troubleshot via the professional developers at this stage.


When the application goes through development as well as testing & confirmed it is working flawlessly, it’s the best time to launch. The application launches in the popular Play Store for the consumers to download & quickly get addicted to it.


The development of the application cycle doesn’t end by the launch. It is an incessant process. But, post-launch an application needs some minor fixes, normal changes depending on user feedback. Also, ensure whether there is any issue or bug found, if yes solving them is important.

Android Application Development Company

Factors Affecting the Cost of the App


The cost is extremely influenced by the number as well as the type of features you prefer. When it is an MVP (that is Minimum Viable Product) with the least features required to develop an application, the cost would be least. On the other hand, if you are making your mind to develop a feature-rich app, it will cost considerably more. In case you are having a startup, it is good if you choose an MVP model. This manner you can get your application for a trial run & see if it works prior to investing your complete savings. You can all the time roll out an update by new & most advanced features. If you having an established brand or business and looking to launch your Android application, it’s most favorable to launch a feature-rich application.


At many times, the features of the application are less but tremendously complex & advanced. These projects will possess a high estimate. There is a requirement for developers to have a high skill set and sufficient experience is there for composite development. It will absolutely cost high. If the application has the regular and basic features having a low complexity level, the charging will be much reasonable.

Time Required

The quotation of the Android development is greatly influenced by the time required to build the app. If you have a deadline for application development as well as deployment, the pricing would be high. The professional Android developers will need to work harder and for more hours in comparison to the usual to deal with the deadline. In case the timeline is reasonable, the pricing will be not high and usual.


The application category you want to build up affects greatly on the estimation of the project. In case it is an AR, VR, AI, ML apps, or a gaming app the costing will be hard and complex. On the other hand, if you desire to develop an education app or a social media app, the pricing will be normal.

Hiring Model Chosen

The pricing of the android application development company even fluctuates depending on the type of hiring model you are preferring. There are 3 types of models to pick out from.

  • Fixed Cost Model
  • Hourly Based Model
  • Hire Dedicated Developer


The cost of the application development is also influenced by the experience and proficiency of the resource you are choosing. A highly experienced organization with advanced technical skillset will charge more because they guarantee quality and awesome output. On the contrary, you are hiring a company with less experience or a freelancer, they might charge you comparatively low.

Wrapping Up

Thus, are you all set for the android application development company? You got familiar with everything you should know currently. It’s time to consult the best android application development company, share your idea, and attain an estimate for real. Softqube Technologies Pvt Ltd is Always the Best Choice.

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