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Apple Releases iOS 14, iPadOS 14 Beta Versions, What’s New for You?

iPhone users have spent years using the same interface without much complaining. “Not much complaining” because the features that users have been asking for were long ago, added to devices running on iOS’ foremost competitor, Android. But better late than never. Apple is finally coming out with features that Android users have been privy to for years now. And as a sneak-peek before the actual commercial launch this fall, Apple users can download the beta version of the new iOS for testing it out on their devices.

But be aware, the beta version is only a test-run and could contain significant bugs that haven’t been rectified yet. This is the purpose of doling out the software to the public before its official commercial release. So that Apple enthusiasts, who are willing to take the risk, can identify the problems that the new software will pose. The official Apple website advises users who are going for the beta versions to back up their devices before joining the Apple Beta Software Program and accessing the non-bug-free versions of the software. Apple also recommends using them on secondary, non-business dependent devices. If you are ready to take on the risks, you can volunteer with the Apple Beta Software Program to send feedback to the tech-giant.

How to get on the Apple Beta Software Program?

You can sign up for the program by going on Apple’s official website. You’ll be asked to enter your Apple ID after which you can download the Beta version which you are looking for. The beta version comes pre-installed with a feedback application that you can use to report bugs and suggest improvements. Once the commercial version is out, your beta version is automatically updated.

At the WWDC 2020, which was presented virtually for the first time due to the global pandemic, announced three new software coming to Apple devices, iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and WatchOS 7. Here are the top features we could find for you to gush over before the software releases this fall:

iOS 14

iPhones are universally famous for being user-friendly in the manner that you don’t have to curse your phone every other day for hanging on you. Not saying that happens with users of other platforms all the time, but it does not occur with iPhone users almost all of the time. Thus, people don’t generally complain about those aspects of the operating system. But, the lack of newness and creativity in later versions, started to bug people as a range of software updates released by the giant-tech company did not upgrade user experience much.

Not this time, though!

Apple plans to resolve all the major issues people have complained about over the last many years. They’ve got hold of the main problems.

  • The Home-Screen

The home screen is one of the major areas which has received a significant update. The home screen is getting a new look through widgets and the App Drawer.

  • Widgets

The home-screen has been left almost untouched since the first version of the iPhone came out. It came across as a consistency thing at first, but with no changes whatsoever, the idea just became mundane to users. But finally, Apple is listening to the people and giving the home-screen a complete makeover. You can add widgets now which if you are an Android user, you’ll chuckle at, as Android has been providing that feature for like a hundred years now. But Apple users are always defending their brand by saying whatever they bring out, and it is brought out with perfection. So, I guess they were perfecting it until now.

  • All Apps under one roof

They’ve also added a one-stop screen for all your apps. Similar to the Google App Drawer, but you do not have to create the folders yourself, all your apps are sorted out into different categories automatically. A right swipe on your home-screen takes you to a page where you can view all your apps under one roof segregated into different folders such as social media, gaming, among others.

  • Picture-In-Picture

This is a cool new (old for android users) feature that lets you use the rest of the apps on your phone while face-timing or watching a video. It minimizes one screen to allow you to access the rest of the space for doing something else. Apple has also changed the way we get incoming calls; now it won’t cover the entire screen. Instead, the notification of an incoming call will be shown on the top in a small single line.

  • Set default third-party browser and mail application

Instead of being stuck with Apple’s mail and browser options, you can now default a third-party browser like Chrome or Firefox on your iPhone. This is a feature that will be appreciated among users who are working since the previous version did not let you default Gmail as your mail application.

  • Light-based notifications for Camera use

This is one of those features that Apple sneakily put in but holds real-life cache. If you’re mic or camera is running in the background, used by an app, you will be notified with colored light on the top right side of your screen. Privacy has become an essential issue with smartphone users. And this little tweak will help us feel more secure while using our phones. A green dot will indicate camera use, while an orange dot will show that your mic is on.

  • Tap that back

In an Android-inspired feature, you can tap the back of your iPhone, to perform different actions. Go to Setting> Accessibility> Touch> Back Tap and turn it on, and now you can use it to make your phone do different things. Customize actions as per your convenience like, opening the control panel, camera, take screenshots or select anything you want instant access to on your phone. There are tap, double-tap and even triple-tap which initiate shortcuts and other actions.

  • Sound Recognition

This is an Apple Exclusive, and even Android hasn’t brought out something like this. Surely, there must be an app that does this already. But now your iPhone will be able to detect different alerting sounds and notify you. For instance, if there’s a fire or smoke near you, or if you are afraid or allergic to certain common animals like cats and dogs you can switch on the alert and your phone will notify you whenever you’re around any of those things.

iPadOS 14

The iPadOS has been equipped with all the new features dolled out for the iPhone. Plus, there are some specific additions like ‘scribble’ which will be able to recognize the handwriting on your iPad, written using Apple Pencil. You can treat the text just like other text on other apps, cut, copy, paste, as you wish. Another feature will be a more intuitive search bar that will be able to search all over, the apps, web, and even documents.

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