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Apple’s AirPods 3 is Expected to Use Pro’s System in Package Tech

As confirmed by Apple’s analyst “Ming-Chi Kuo”, the next generation of the wireless earbuds of Apple, the AirPods 3 is expected to feature the “system in package” (SIP) technology similar to the AirPods Pro. It is claimed that Apple’s upcoming version of AirPods 3 will replace the surface mounted technology. This new generation of AirPods 3 will be covering a lot of features within itself. The brand is always trying to improvise its products and their functions. And it seems that it is the main reason why millions of people prefer to use their products. This change is also going to be one of the significant steps taken by this famous company. The following technology adopted by the company for its latest model of wireless earbuds will allow the users to fit one or more chips to a single module. Due to this change, Apple will be able to add more features within its upcoming wireless earbuds of AirPods 3 and that too, without increasing the size of the wearable. Are you also a user of this brand’s products? If you are, then you possibly have used its wireless earphones also and you might know how they work. If you are planning to buy its latest version of AirPods 3, then there are some essential facts that every user of its product should know. Please read the full article to have a clear description of the new version of Apple’s EarPods, namely AirPods 3.

Everything that You Need to Know About the Upcoming AirPods 3

As mentioned by Apple’s analyst, the company is going to replace the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) with the System in Package Technology (SIP) while designing Apple’s AirPods 3. Along with that, it will cover some useful features that will provide the best experience to its users. Speaking of its features, the company will launch its wearable AirPods with Apple’s H1 chip that will enable you to have clearer audio, Siri commands, noise-canceling abilities, and much more than that. While there is still no confirmation regarding any additional features within the earbuds. But we are hoping that we will be served with these features. It is also added in the statement by “Ming-Chi Kuo” that the AirPods 3 will share the same design as the AirPods Pro. This latest version of Apple’s AirPods names AirPod 3 is likely to arrive in mid-2021. So, I guess there is a lot of time. Besides, Kuo revealed that the talks are ongoing with the suppliers for adding the SIP components. The suppliers include Amkor, JCET, and Huanxu electronics.

Comparing the older versions of Apple’s AirPods to this upcoming version, the AirPods Pro that were launched back in the year of 2019 in the month of November came with new silicone ear tips and had a compact design. The major update that was added to the AirPod Pro version was the functionality of noise-cancellation. After that, the second generation of AirPods was launched in March 2019 that was very much similar to the Apple’s original AirPods. Along with this, the AirPods 2 had also included a feature of the Siri voice assistant. As predicted by the analyst, the demand for the AirPods might increase in the near future. And that is why the company is preparing itself to serve the customers with their requirements. And it is also stated by Kuo, that Apple is planning to phase out the second generation of its AirPods once the new generation of AirPods 3 arrives in the market.

In addition to this, with the news of the arrival of Apple’s affordable AirPods 3, there are rumours swirling around that the company will ship its new series of iPhone 12 without the essential accessories of AirPods and charger. This might be one of the main reasons behind the statement of Ming-Chi-Kuo when he stated that there would be increasing demands for the AirPods in the coming future.

So, this was all about the latest generation of AirPods 3 that will be releasing soon in the next year. You can check out the other products of Apple as well. And we will always keep you updated with the latest information. For further updates, please stay connected with us and keep visiting our site.

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