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Apps to Record Audio on Your Chromebook

Want to record audio on your Chromebook? It’s super easy. You can record audio messages, record the songs you sing, and record an audiobook for your friend. Wondering how you can do all these? Here is your answer. Read on to find out.


This one is a very small voice recording tool for Chromebook. Just navigate to the website of Vocaroo and tap the record button and start recording. To finish, click the record button again. Now you can download your recorded file, share your recording’s link. You can also create a QR code of your recording and share or delete it if you want.

Reverb Record

Reverb Record is again an online site you can use to record audio on your Chromebook. Its functions are similar to that of Vocaroo. Go to the website of Reverb Record, click the record option, and start recording your voice. At the end tap the record option to finish. Now you will have the sharing options. When you create a Record Reverb account, all your recordings will be stored in your account. Its extension is also available which you can use on your Chrome that will add a recorder on your browser. You can click on it to start recording your voice.

Record Command via Crosh

The Chrome OS Developer Shell has an audio command option as well. Just enable the developer mode and use those commands to record your voice. To access the developer mode, press Control + Alt + T and record audio, by clicking on the Sound Record button. The final audio file will be saved in your Files. You can access it from there.

Beautiful Audio Editor

This is a very comprehensive recording tool. Though it has not been updated in years its basic function, that is to record multitrack audio works perfectly. However, the site is very fragile, it may crash if you record audio more than 45 minutes long or heavier than 300MB. Yet it has very advanced features, audio filters, etc.


Anchor is a website you can open in your Chromebook browser for recording audios. Anchor lets you even share your audios on different platforms such as Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc. The site is very easy to use. Create your Anchor account, then click on Create Your Podcast and press Record to start recording. Anchor will then use your Chromebook’s microphone to record your voice. Then you can download your recording and upload it or share it anywhere. Go ahead people, use these options to record your audio and let people listen to your beautiful voice.

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