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Are Images Not Working on Your iPhone’s Messaging App? Here’s How to Fix It.

Are Images Not Working on Your iPhone’s Messaging App? Here’s How to Fix It.

Apple has added a great images feature within its iPhone’s Messaging application that enables the users to send GIFs and pictures to the other contacts. This cool feature provides a vast image and GIF library to its users. Anyone can share these GIFs and photos with their friends and loved ones very quickly and easily. But, sometimes, you may face some issues with this image feature. In fact, a lot of users are facing this problem that makes them unable to share the images and GIFs with their other contacts. Usually, the problem originates when you try to access the image and GIF library in the messaging app, and it says “Couldn’t load the images” or “unable to connect to the internet”. If you are the user who is facing this issue, then there is no need to panic because you are not the only one who is struggling with this problem.


This is the most common problem that anyone can face at any time. But it can be easily solved. Do you also own an iPhone? Are you also facing this issue and want to solve it but don’t know how to do that? If that is the case, then no need to worry at all. There are solutions to fix this issue. In the following article, we are going to provide you with the methods that can be helpful to get rid of this problem. So, to get the techniques, you need to go through the complete article.

The Methods to Fix the Problem When Images are Not Working on an iPhone

There can be various reasons that can lead to this issue. And many users generally do not recognize the reasons that make them unable to solve this problem. So, to fix the issue completely, firstly, you need to identify the root cause of this problem. It can be anything that includes a glitch in messages, outdated software, or connection issues. Well, whatever the reason might be, this article aims to solve your problem. Here, we have mentioned multiple ways that any user can try to get rid of this issue. These techniques are easy to follow and will not take much of your time. So, now, without waiting for any longer, it’s time to get to the methods. Let’s see what you need to do to solve the issue. Take a look below:

  • Try Closing and Reopening the Messages App.

This is a pretty simple method that anyone can try without any difficulty to solve the issues with the images within the messages app on the iPhone. Sometimes, it is possible that the problem might be in the Messages app itself. So, it is better to close the messages app for a few minutes and then again open it and try sending the images or GIFs to your contacts. To do this, swipe up through your iPhone’s screen and open the App Switcher on your device. And now close the Messages app manually. Finally, go to the home screen and open the messages app once again.

  • Make Sure You Have a Stable Internet Connection.

Sometimes, network issues might also lead to the problem with the images in the Messages app on the iPhone. In that case, make sure you are connected to the correct Wi-Fi network. If you are using your cellular data, disable it for a few minutes and then enable the mobile data again to check if this solves your problem. Or try connecting to another network if available.

  • Make Sure You are Using the Updated Software on Your iPhone.

This is one of the most common reasons that can cause the problem with the images within the iMessages app on an iPhone. Sometimes, you might forget to update the operating system of your device. Well, that can affect the performance of your iPhone along with causing the problem with your messages app. So, to fix the problem with the images or GIF library within the iMessages app on your iPhone, check if there is any update available on your device. And if there is one, then upgrade your device as it might solve the issue.

  • Check if the SMS is Enable on Your iPhone.

If you are facing the problem while sending the images or GIFs to the others who don’t use an iPhone, then check if your device is set to send and receive the standard text messages. To do that, visit the “Settings” section of your iPhone and then tap on the option of the “Messages”. And now, check if the button given next to the “Send as SMS” option is enabled or not.

So, these were some of the tricks that you can try to solve this issue. These were the most straightforward methods that anyone can try. And if the problem continues, then I suggest you visit the nearby Apple store. And to get more information and tips like this, stay with us and check out our website.

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