Arizona CPS corruption complaints

Arizona CPS corruption complaints

Arizona’s Child Protective Services agency is under fire again, this time for corruption. According to reports, CPS has been illegally seizing children from their families and placing them in foster care without any evidence of abuse or neglect.

This is just the latest in a long line of scandals involving CPS. Time and time again, the agency has been caught violating the rights of parents and children. In some cases, children have even died while in the custody of CPS.

Clearly, something must be done to reform Arizona’s CPS system. If you have had your child taken away by CPS or if you have been falsely accused of child abuse, please contact a lawyer immediately. You need to protect your rights and your child’s future.

  1. Introduction

Insurance fraud, child abuse, trafficking, tax fraud, money laundering, kickbacks, and corruption dominate the Department of Child Safety’s courts and investigations staff.

Many CPS cases go unsolved and the events that happen and are untangled can change the lives of many innocent people forever.

CPS hears cases up to 13 times and investigates them even more often. Investigations are so problematic, there are investigations into investigations.

If law enforcement is investigating any agency anywhere in the country, that agency is going to be investigated. This is perfectly normal.

In fact, about 97% of years involve CPS being untruthful with investigations.

CPS is also so poor, it doesn’t even have proper tools/resources for investigating and investigating into investigating correctly. CPS is short on staff and short on budgets and resources to do the job.

Plus, CPS rarely has three things that it needs to properly educate its victims inside of CPS and to educate its victims. By this they will fully understand the magnitude of the system they are living through:

One woman was possessed by outside forces and says that she was threatened with imprisonment if she did not sign a statement due to predators.

She resigned from her position and stated that she would continue to work protecting others from predators, but she would not lie for the state.

Once a fact is set in motion, no matter how many times circumstances change, it is hard to set things right again.

  1. Parents file wrongful expulsion complaint against CPS

In 2017 alone, Arizona’s Child Protective Services has been accused of over 100 violent crimes and corruption allegations. The latest, just in time to be reported on, occurred in January 2018, when a father filed a wrongful expulsion complaint against the agency for taking away his baby.

Garek Linger filed the complaint with the Office of the Inspector General (“OIG”) of the State of Arizona after his claim that CPS evicted him from his home without cause was denied, according to Judicial Watch. Linger was the victim of a “neglectful parent”. According to the complaint, with “multiple allegations of abuse” against him for his five children. Linger was not allowed to see his kids for three years before a foster family adopted them, he said.

In the complaint, filed after both the 7th District Court and the Arizona Court of Appeals denied appeals of his initial complaint, Linger accuses CPS of unethical practices and alleges that the agency repeatedly violated the law.

  1. CPS Corporation wants access to the closed

When I first heard about the YouTube channel produced by the CPS Corporation, Child Protective Services (“CPS”), the idea that an organization that seems mandated to protect children would bully and harass parents attempting to contact their children seemed unbelievable.

But once I had a chance to speak with more folks about what was going on, I became much more suspicious. It turns out that the CPS Corporation really is interested in accessing and illegally accessing potential child abusers’ websites. This is even more disturbing when you consider the fact that the CPS Corporation has characterized child abuse as a contagious infectious disease that will transmit to children in order to convince the residents that they need CPS’s help pointing out potential child abuse.

However, when you dig a little deeper into this case, you will find that the so-called “illegal access” of is just a smokescreen. was created to help parents locate and protect their children in times of abuse, neglect, and just plain abduction.

  1. Arizona CPS Abuse

Based on the new reports, the CPS even forced the mothers of these babies to take them to exit themselves in order to get rid of them in a successful investigation.

The problem with CPS is that they don’t care about the kids. If they find something, they act like wildfire and take the children.

In this case, the kid didn’t even have to do anything. Someone has obviously forced her to tell lies so that CPS will seize her baby.

Are these kinds of cases really happening in the Arizona CPS? This can’t be possible.

The CPS must undoubtedly clean this child abuse up and from that state.

This has got to be the right way to handle all of that. You would never allow a kid to go through that.

  1. CPS Various Corruption Scandals

For decades, the Arizona Department of Child Services (DCS) has suffered from various corruption scandals.

In 2014, some CPS officers have been arrested for abusing children and stealing drugs. Later in the same year, nearly four thousand cases of child abuse were kept unreported and therefore unreviewed.

CPS also targeted and threatened CPS whistleblowers. This included threatening a lawyer during a court appearance.

As a result, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that the CPS system must be overhauled.

In July 2016, another case emerged that highlighted the failure to treat child abuse victims with an adequate amount of priority. Children whose parents were under investigation by CPS were not allowed to see a lawyer, in addition to not being offered any assistance during visits to the police.

After this case emerged, the Arizona Attorney General’s Office sued DCS, highlighting its poor claims management procedures.

CPS might seem like a benign, let’s-help-our-children-easiest-possible-solution. But the agency is actually invading individuals’ privacy, their children’s safety, and their right to due process.

People come to expect the government to act responsibly. But they continually see the Arizona CPS department acting very, very irresponsibly.

Since the early 2000s, Arizona CPS has been the source of much corruption and controversy. Numerous families have come forward with stories of their children being stolen by the agency, often without any just cause.

Many former CPS workers have spoken out about the corrupt culture within the agency. Also, the way that it often targets vulnerable families and children. In some cases, CPS has even been known to work in collusion with child abusers. Instead of protecting children from harm.

Sadly, many of these stories go unreported, as parents are often too intimidated to speak out against CPS. But we want to change that. We want to give a voice to the thousands of families who have been hurt by CPS.

If you or someone you know has had experience with Arizona CPS corruption or abuse, we want to hear from you.


The state of Arizona has been struggling with its child-welfare system for years. This case shows that there are still many problems that need to be fixed.
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