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Artificial Grass Accessories

You can purchase a variety of artificial grass accessories to complete your turf system. You’ll find everything from Wonder Edge edging to Shock Pads and more. From weed barriers to watering equipment, you’ll be able to create a perfect frame for your turf. Among the most important artificial grass accessories, weed barriers are an important part of the turf system, as they keep weeds from growing through them. These are best placed before hardcore. You should also install an edging system to create the perfect frame for the turf. You’ll want to invest in an edging system that is made of sustainable materials and is moisture-resistant. 

Artificial Grass Accessories

Putting green turf face weight

The face weight of a putting green refers to the total weight of the lawn without its backing. This weight is an important factor when comparing different brands and models of putting green turf. Many companies will quote a face weight that includes both the backing and turf, but this is misleading and unhelpful information. The face weight should be considered when comparing putting green turf and other surfaces. The following information will help you choose a turf product that is right for your needs.

Putting greens are often constructed with 3/4-inch-thick synthetic turf, which achieves a STIMP rating of ten or eleven. It is infilled with 1.5 to 2 pounds per square foot of #30 silica and a 16/30 Mellow Fill top dressing. Face weight is an important consideration in evaluating a putting green, as it will determine the quality of the practice area. If you’re considering installing a putting green, a high face weight will ensure its quality and durability.

Putting green turf face weight refers to the total weight of the material per square foot, and a higher face-weight means a denser pile. The USGA and US Open have specific guidelines for the speed of a putting green, so this factor is critical to a successful installation. In addition to face weight, consider pile height and surface texture. A good putting green should be less than half an inch thick, as this will help the ball roll true.

Putting greens are typically made from nylon. This material offers good traction and safety benefits, but it fades when exposed to direct sunlight. If you’re considering installing a putting green outdoors, make sure the turf is UV-stabilized to avoid damage from direct sunlight and wind. Stamp readings will also tell you how fast a ball will roll, and the stamp range varies depending on the environment and the installation. However, most surfaces are between nine and eleven stamp.

Wonder Edge edging

The Wonder Edge is an above-grade perimeter frame for artificial grass installations. It’s a great option if you’d like to create a neat line between your lawn and areas such as planters or other areas with no natural restraint. Made of post-consumer recycled materials, Wonder Edge is less expensive, easier to install, and has a longer warranty than bend-a-board. It also performs its primary function better than a bend-a-board. The advantage of Wonder Edge is that it saves both contractors and homeowners time and money by reducing labor and costs for artificial grass installations.

Plastic bender board is the most common artificial grass edging option. This is pliable, strong, and able to contour to the lawn evenly and consistently. However, this type of edging cannot be placed in straight lines and must be replaced with treated wood boards. Other materials that you can use instead of plastic bender boards are wood chips and gravel, which can be a beautiful compliment to your artificial grass lawn. These materials provide additional support to metal and bender board edging.

Another alternative to timber and steel edging is sleepers. Although more expensive than Wonder Edge, sleepers can create an interesting garden feature. They can also be used to create raised beds. Paving is ideal for ornamental or decorative lawns but is less secure than other options. Dogs can lift the edges of artificial grass. If you’re unsure about which type of edging is best for your lawn, make sure to consult with a professional.

Wonder Edge is made of bender board, which is thicker than many other lawn edging systems. It resists wear and tear from lawnmowers and can be reused several times for concrete patios and walkways. It comes with stakes that anchor the poly board to the ground and provides additional support. Depending on the size of your lawn, you can also install bender board on top of your existing paving edges.

Shock Pads

The purpose of shock pads is to prevent injuries and reduce traumas caused by impacts to the artificial grass surface. In addition, shock pads reduce the risk of compaction, which accelerates damage to the backing and fibres. They also reduce the risk of flattening the grass by supporting it. These pads are free-draining, allowing for more play time than a natural lawn. They also help keep the surface clean and safe, preventing mud and other contaminants from accumulating in the turf surface.

While foam shock pads are optional for standard synthetic lawn installations, they are a smart addition for any outdoor space with children or pets. Foam shock pads are firm yet spongy, making them perfect for safety purposes. They also make it easier to clean than standard synthetic turf. These pads are available in a wide range of designs, allowing you to pick the one that best suits your outdoor space. However, you can install shock pads yourself if you’re confident with your DIY skills.

While most shock pads are made of rigid plastic, USGreentech’s ProPlay shock pad is a solid choice for indoor sports arenas and playgrounds. It offers critical impact ratings up to 12 feet and is sold in sheets of four feet by six feet by three-quarter-inch thick. They’re easy to install, and they’re superior to basic rectangular pads. They’re also made of closed-cell foam, which prevents moisture from absorbing into the pad.

Shock pads for artificial grass are essential for the safety of everyone who uses the turf. Young children are notorious for taking tumbles, so the underlay needs to be protect from these kinds of falls. Shock pads also protect the backing from damage caused by weeds, saving you the hassle of constant weeding. A good shock pad will prevent such accidents by giving the synthetic grass a safe, cushioned playing surface.

Garden hose

There are several garden hoses available. A sprinkler hose has a flat bottom and holes on the top that sprinkle water evenly down the length of the hose. The soaker hose is ideal for large areas, while a flat hose looks like a collapsed fireman hose. It is flat until water pressure makes it round. These hoses have fewer features but are more self-draining and take up less space. Another option is the coiled hose, which is great for small areas, but tends to be light duty.

Pet owners will appreciate the ease and convenience of maintaining an artificial lawn. Cleaning up pet waste and other liquids will save a lot of water and effort. A garden hose with a no-kink nozzle will make this task a breeze. A garden hose is the perfect accessory for keeping your artificial lawn clean and hygienic. It’s also lightweight, so it’s less likely to kink than a traditional garden hose.

While garden hoses are not the most exciting tools on the market, they are essential for keeping your lawn and garden green and fresh. You can choose a garden hose depending on your budget and climate, and determine its water flow capacity and flexibility. The length and diameter of the hose will affect how well it flows water. You can buy a hose made from either rubber or vinyl materials. Both types are flexible, but vinyl hoses are less durable than rubber.

A stiff brush is another essential accessory for maintaining your artificial lawn. It will help you brush away any debris and dirt that may have settled on the surface. After installation, your artificial lawn will have a layer of sand that needs to remove with a garden hose. Once this layer has dried, rinse the lawn thoroughly using the hose. This will help keep it looking perkier longer. The lawn brush will also help keep the blades upright.

Weed membrane

Using a weed membrane is an easy way to keep unwanted weeds from growing through your artificial grass. This weed-preventing fabric is a geotextile, a kind of nonwoven fabric that is permeable to air, water, and light. It also aids in drainage and increases soil stability. Another benefit of this membrane is that it is environmentally friendly, helping to reduce the risk of standing water in your garden.

Weeds do not like the moisture in the soil, so a weed-repellent membrane is an excellent choice to reduce their number. Whether you’re installing a garden or a patio, a weed membrane will prevent weeds from growing underneath your artificial grass. Weeds can also grow through a sub-base, so you should make sure to install one to protect your artificial lawn. This membrane will also prevent weeds from growing through the surface.

A weed-repellent membrane is essential for preventing weeds from growing through artificial grass. Thermally bonded non-woven geotextile membranes have a ten-meter coverage area on a 2m roll, and a twenty-meter coverage area on a 4m roll. For joins, you can use galvanized fixing nails. You may also consider a weed-controlling membrane if you plan to use your artificial grass outdoors.

artificial grass accessories

Weed-repelling fabric is an ideal choice for decks and other areas where light is a problem. Lightweight landscape fabric is also effective, but you may want to opt for a heavier-duty geotextile fabric for larger areas. Accessories also work with Artificial Wall plant The ideal weed-repellent fabric is made of durable woven fabric and can be cut without fraying. Geotextile paper and mesh weed barriers are ideal for use as a base under rockeries.
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